Self motivated, no doubt. I work hard to #livyoung.
So who coaches me?
You are my coach.
I am my motivation.
Because, If you’re not first your last--
and your only competition, is you. Your motivation is staring at you in the mirror. #flowthruthefight

it isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be so hard.
My motto for life,
Or relationships,
Or business,
Or a workout.
I take on challenge with balance of effort + ease -- not sacrificing my intensity. I #flowthruthefight, dance thru opposition, with strength: rather than resistance. No matter the situation: fitness, business, love, life, ““It” isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be so hard" Is a perspective, an outlook, a lifestyle.” I channeled this mindset via physical exertion, @traininglab, box + flow, @lyonsden, as a choice, i push myself physically beyond my self imposed limits to overcome mental obstacles, because i will always be my harshest critic + biggest fan.

And everyday, every moment, i have a choice to get out of my own way,
to be my best self, my true self, to see my full potential --- or not
But i show up. i run fast, to move free, to feel --- self motivated.
And the question becomes, who coaches me?
I am forever a student + a teacher,
Guided by the coaches who push me to be my best self.
Who challenge + empower, not from ego but from heart. I chose Ruben (seen above)
and he chose me, (and Bethany @lyonsden)
but he doesn’t make me better
He makes me
Want to be better.
that is the power of leadership.
My fitness is a way of being -- i #workhard, physically + mentally to overcome limitations in my mind, which allows my body to keep pushing forward, to #livyoung. The question remains: can I overcome my self imposed limitations? and as I shed the layers of excuses, doubt + fear
holding me back, I recenter, reconnect, find freedom within,
As a choice
As a feeling
That only I can give myself,
With the support guidance and opposition of strong people around me,
in my leotard
In my skin, I #flowthruthefight
I choose me.
because if you’re not first your last
and your only competition, is you.
#workhard #livyoung

liv full


if you want to liv a full life
stop filling space w empty
empty plans
empty calories
Empty relationships
Empty Conversations
With noise.
Start to listen.

notice what comes up when you come down—
In stillness + silence,
Does your mind wander to what was or what should be? Does your body tense up anxiously?
Do you reach for the drink or the cell phone or the need to move?
Can you find a way to silence the noise, to find solace in stillness,
To fuel your life instead of
Filling your time?

Start now.
get to know yourself here, today.
Start to recognize your habits. Particularly those When you feel most unsettled,
When your bored, It's easy to grab the second glass of wine, the pint of ice cream
Or scroll anxiously on instagram to yearn for someone else's life.
When you’re lonely: it's easy to reach out to for unfulfilling plans to fill empty space,
Empty conversation to cover up uncomfortable silence
a second date because you can't bear being alone.
But are you fueling your life
Or filling your time?

We are humans, with feelings, that change moment to moment.
No one is perfect, but we are capable of calm.
Of filling space with breath
Or fueling body with good
Food, thoughts, people, love.

Because in moments of unsettled energy,
The easiest thing to do is fill empty space - with food, drink, negativity, empty connection.
How often do you fill your calendar back to back with appointments + social plans,
So you can hide from the discomfort of looking within? How often do we make excuses for ourselves, for our actions that are not leading back to clarity but rather pushing us farther away from what we want, because it “makes sense?”

But You're not doing anyone a favor by committing to plans you have no interest in or
Taking a meeting because it's the right thing to do
Or going on a date because he's a nice guy
Consider that if you feel it is a waste of your time,
You're also wasting theirs.

I am far from perfect, But i’m self aware enough to know when i’m resisting or in my flow,
When i’m fueling my life instead of filling my time. But after years of filling empty space, i now choose fuel. Fuel my body, my mind, my calendar, my heart.
I have learned to trust myself, To listen when my intuition sends me a sign,
To notice when my mind starts to defeat me, to doubt. When my boredom leads me to drink a 5pm glass of wine, or pop in the candy store for a piece or two. I no longer chase the dark eyed men who aren’t worthy of my attention, employ people who don’t respect me, or make social plans for fear of being alone.

I made a commitment to myself, to learn more about me everyday so that i can liv full --
To learn what works for me, by knowing what doesn’t: food, love, work, fitness, in life.
I eat to enjoy
I move to sweat,
I sleep to reset,
I create to contribute, to share.
I connect, because my heart loves to love.
And When i am less than my best, i am less than my best.


When you connect to yourself,
When you fuel your life, instead of fill your time,
You start tapping into living, rather than existing.
You start feeling more + thinking less,
Fueling more + filling less.

It is hard work to livyoung,
But if you put in the work to know yourself first,
If you stop filling your time with empty,
You will learn to love yourself, to love your life,
to livyoung.

yummy recipes to fuel you, here.

focus on you


Running up the west side highway this morning before teaching an International Women’s Day class got me thinking: woman, man, whatever you matter. Focus on you.
Truth is — i don’t play in the he haters club, period. Some of the best lessons ive learned have been from men. And some of the worst bullying ive been victim to, have been from women. Whatever you are, whoever you are, focus on you. Celebrate that. Every
We are so quick to lose focus on us,
When we have a new kid
A new job
A new house
A new love
The first thing that escapes is self care. Yes, women in particular are the first to lose sight of self, To give rather than get, to not make time for themselves. WHAT? Stop taking time making excuses. Take a lesson from the MEN. They put themselves first! Make time for you.
When i started my business, the one thing i truly committed to was me. Selfish? Sure. but you have to be selfish to be selfless. ANd if im not my best self, everything around me suffers.
Limit the noise,
Focus on you
And by focusing on you, i don’t mean losing sight of those around you,
On the contrary -- When you choose you, The people worth focusing on, will show up clearer. Because those that do not respect your self care, will not stick around.
Less fluff. More heart.

We waste energy focusing on what others are wearing, eating, dating, doing,
So fascinated or distracted by the latest fads. Why not focus all of that energy on getting intimate with yourself? Your body will tell you what it needs - Spiritually, emotionally, sexually, physically
Your task is to learn to listen.
The best professional in the world cannot tell you what your body craves, what turns you on, what doesnt.
This media driven existence focuses outward. Why not refocus within?
We don’t dress for ourselves, we dress for others. We don’t eat what we need, we eat what we’re told.
We date the idea of someone, work in the job that sounds good, liv the life that makes “sense”
That isn't living. That is existing. Limit the noise,
Focus on you.

Your gut will guide you
Your belly will tell you when to fuel + when it is full
Your body will show you it can move
Your hips will react to your desires
Your head will distract you but
Your heart will show you the way
Can you recommit to the idea of making time,
To take time,
for you?
One life
In this life
#workhard #livyoung



6:38am: Running down the west side highway with one thought in my head: simplify.
See, my anxiety shows up in all sorts of ways
This morning, it showed up in my suitcase.
All week i felt the indecision hovering, the anxiety in deciding if i should say or go.. The worry as I pop my head up in the middle of the night
And need to breathe deeper, quiet my mind and put myself back to sleep.
I liv by the idea that its not about having the most, Its about making the most you have,
But for me —Sometimes that’s just too much.
I make ever minute count,
I lick every drop out of the bottom of the peanut butter jar, Wipe the back of the spatula and the smoothie leftovers out of the vitamix clean.
I squeeze the emotion out of every hug,
run the last mile, the last minute, and often get the last word in. I don’t like waste.
anxiety for me is my monkey mind
Too many ideas
Too many options,
i have to remind myself to simplify —
just as i do in box + flow, one punch into the next, one breath into the other.
Its not about having enough, its about making the most of what you have —
simplify. Leaving a young business is like leaving a small child — my anxiety today In my suitcase or otherwise stems from leaving the hen house loosely attended. And that concern bled into my failure to commit to booking sooner, and resulted in a last minute trip, with lots of loose plans, and no steady commitments, as seen as anxiety in my suitcase —- packed to the brim with Too many outfits, and too many options, to feed into my fear of too many decisions, undecided.
Olivia, Simplify.
i know there are currently too many laces untied in life right now — too many Decisions are lingering.

I need to get back to my breath. So i do, the best way i know how -
I simply suit up in my shiny black spandex #ninjachic second skin, I lace up my sneakers, and plow out the door - out of the piles of clothing and the leaping of my monkey mind, onto the westside highway to sprint pre flow (yoga) pre flight. And all becomes clear: simplify. Just as I do in my workout uniform - no decisions necessary. No distractions.
Simplify: Let go of what you cannot control. Make space for what you can. Here + now.
Just flowthruthefight - as you have done for the last 20 years of your life — Just move.
With over an hour, I squeeze in 3.5 mile run of clean air to clear my lungs, wind chill to breeze on my face, To yoga to find stillness, deep breath, deep sweat + flow for 40 quick minutes.
Grab my jacket and sprint home to shower and zip up my suitcase, my over packed piles of indecision,
To make it to the airport just in time, — I hope. (**I MADE IT)
And in the Lyft on the way there, breathing calmly, I find solace in the backseat
voraciously emptying these thoughts unto you,
sharing these words…the words of an often anxious over thinker,
unorganized yet super self aware entrepreneur,
who prides herself via “messy is sexy” and embraces all sides of me,
But I truly believe that the key to life, beyond knowing yourself first,
Is to keep it simple.
Let go of the extra —To make space for the best part,
The last bite, the purest version of you. You as you are
Out of your head,
Into your heart
Note to self, just #flowthruthefight

full moon vibes


#new moon vibes
Do I believe in it?
Sure, but not as much as I believe in myself.
Let me explain:
I don’t use moon energy or other energy as a reason, cause or excuse for my energy.
Like with people, for example -- if someone leaves me feeling some type of way, gives me a bad vibe: i have a choice -- i can see the energy + react to it, or just let it be, without influencing me. I can Vibe higher.
Michelle Obama said it best - “when they go low, we go high.”
I want to stay high, even when energy makes me feel low — I want to rise above.

So new virgo moon, I hope you bring me love, light, focus, success and great intentions --
Moreso I hope you harness my love, potential, energy + allow me to thrive in it, raise me higher.
But before i rise higher, i first have to know where i stand.
Self awareness is the foundation. It starts with you.
face yourself to free yourself.
That internal focus and awareness is where growth begins + ends, as opposed to blaming or crediting external ideals for growth or failure.

So new moon vibes: I see myself + the habits id like to break,
The emotions I haven’t yet tapped into -- i know there is more to feel.
I see my penchant for control, my skillful will fill headstrong conviction --
Im good at control.
New moon, i think it’s time for me to let loose a little,
Lean in a bit,
To let go a bit.

To know yourself is to grow yourself
Full moon or not
Evolution is a choice, To evolve into or out of…
I am going to take this opportunity to dig deeper,
Evolve out of bad habits and into better ones
and consider even losing control, in the best way.

And as i ferociously type this in the back of my taxi, rushing from one task to the next
My cab driver turned around and said, “miss can I ask you something? what means,
don’t sweat it?”
There are no accidents
At that very moment that was the universe, the energy, and my intuition, reminding me
To breathe into
To let go of
dont sweat it
You are in control of your actions + reactions
The moon is just there to guide you back to your intuition
Back to your gut
Back to all the answers
You already have
Total eclipse of the head + the heart.
Forever moving forward.

#workhard #livyoung

a love letter


I never loved my body. So it never loved me.
Sounds simple no? So why do we make it so complicated? Energy is everything.
it took me the better part of my life to stop fighting myself — to embrace my shape, and my drive— to apply what is simply just self love, love yourself, livyoung. But it is not a destination — rather a journey, of self discovery, introspection, learning to live as you, with you, in you —your body, your mind, your heart. I learn more about me everyday. And learning to love my dark parts along the way — my habits, defaults, imperfections. My hurt + my hopes — to make room for my dreams.

It took a professional photo shoot, and a bottle of wine, for me to expose me, to see me — My body! My form! This vessel in which i live, the vessel i work hard on every day — moving, breathing, sweating… to share such photos not for you but for me. To face myself - to free myself.

Because what is sexier than owning the skin you live in?
Sure Ill always wonder what it would feel like to have boobs like @emrata
Or long legs like Gisele, but when all is said and done,
the body I liv In is my home, my own —
the vessel that holds all my answers,
fosters my gut, my intuition that tells me when to run or to stay,
guards, protects + cages my heart,
all in tandem with my mind that both doubts me + drives me + my
breath that challenges me, fuels me, and forces me to be present here + now.
My body, my brain, my breath - my life.
I am a sum of my parts
and along for the ride more than ever To put in the hard work,
to get to know myself more —- so i can be more of me to you,
both messy + sexy, done up + undone.

A love letter from me
To me
Because if I dont love me, who will?

So —-to the body i’ve loved + hated,
filled + emptied,
fueled + deprived,
fought with + against,
connected with + disconnected from — thank you for always showing me the way. testing my resilience, pushing me harder, holding me up and slowing me down.
its our time. we’re in this together baby — one life, head, heart whole.
thank you body for protecting me. i’m ready to let love in, for me, from me. we got this.
lets #flowthruthefight.

Now its your turn. I dare you to write you a love letter. i did.
Happy Valentines Day. #workhard #livyoung
more thoughts on love, here:



I dont fear risk,
rejection Or failure
Judgment or comparison
I dont fear Illness, death or dying
I dont fear time Or lack thereof
I dont fear being alone
Or being in love
I dont fear Asking for help or
receiving it, I dont fear opening up,
Or shutting down.
I don’t fear my past or my future
My dreams
Or nightmares
I dont fear Pleasure Or pain
Success or solitude
The only thing i fear Is
holding myself back
From reaching my full potential.
The only thing i fear,
Is me.

Let me explain:
First we fall + then we feel. And i’m not afraid to jump. As i lean in + let go, i learn more about myself, the deeper depths of my mental makeup, the strength of my mind, and the extent to which i internalize. I have always identified with struggle more than success, with fight more than flow, it is hard work for me to liv young. But i’m up for the challenge, because i see myself. My beauty + my breakdown. And also why i share so much of me, to humanize this experience that social media has covered with smoke + mirrors, to wilfully declare that we are all here to see + be seen, to feel + be felt. It is the messy parts of life, the vulnerability, the honesty that is sexy. The hard work that goes into success + struggles of everyday life. And thru sharing, in real time, i shift my perspective, to practice what i preach, to embrace all of me, as i flowthruthefight. The secret is to make it all look easy, sure. But if it was easy, we’d all be billionaires + beautiful + all the rest of the bullshit we double tap on instagram.

So lets talk fear.
I am afraid of myself.

I am naturally dark. Overwhelmingly resilient. I will be the last man standing, not to prove to anyone else but myself that i can. Letting things be “easy” without force, to flow thru the fight is my biggest challenge -- and why i started box + flow. Because the physicality of the workout, brought me ease. Hitting a heavy bag, the cathartic release of breath energy resistance strength and power shows me that I can --- feel my own power. i am here, i am alive. And it also proves how much i hold onto - the same power that i use to hold myself back.And with that resistance, when there is no ease, i deprive myself of the freedom I liv by, i lose the fun. i get stuck. My willpower works against me,
My heart gets caught up in my head.
My feelings get hurt,
I get in my own way.
But the only one to dig me out of the hole i put myself into, is me.
So i move. I run to fight + flow my fear of self, away.
To sweat the layers holding me back, to reconnect to me - my body, my breath, to let go.
That hard work allows me to livyoung. to face my darkness, to see and share my light.
To shift my perspective -- from fearing me to feeling me, my messy as sexy. My beauty in my breakdown. My fear is what brought box + flow to life.

Sharing myself means seeing myself. Being so open pushes me to fuel my life, with inquiry and connection, building relationships, business, lifting others to lift myself, fueling my body + otherwise. But in darkness, it is when i feel most. A cloud sweeps over me, not of complacency or concern, but of stuckness.
I firmly believe we fuel our lives or fill our time. Autopilot ON or Autopilot OFF. And when my autopilot is on, and i am merely existing instead of living my fullest, i start to fill - my body, my thoughts, my time -- with pointless meetings, or disconnection, dating apps or one too many drinks, sugar + deep sleep. And then Dark thoughts not deeply rooted in anything, just a notion of heavy energy, a dark cloud that hovers. I have often been asked how i started my business or when i decided to end an abusive relationship, etc. and my only response is, “i just did.”

And with that power + conviction, with my strength that is my workhard ethic, the same power holds true for my darkness. Because i am in control of my power, Strong enough to propel me forward to liv free + liv full, and stronger even to hold me back -- To induce my own failure.
it is both a blessing + a curse. To be so self aware, to knowingly have the power to push forth or hold back. But I’m up for the challenge --- physically mentally spiritually emotionally, the hard work to To livyoung, to find balance within, to love myself.

And as for finding love? I know that one morning, my eyes will open way too early, my body heavy in soft sheets, my head will roll over onto puffy pillows and sigh softly into the ear of the man who loves me.
Because i know that Love will find me when i am ready and
Life will meet me as it does everyday and

Success will always be challenging for me to define, as my greatest fan + harshest critic,
Because My only i fear is

#workhard #livyoung


I’ve never worked so much
And slept so little
Not because I am up working
But because my brain doesn’t always like to listen to my body
I jump in bed and it jumps onto the next topic
We write novels together, underneath my covers
As i beg my brain to just
For someone who preaches balance,
My life is currently all but balanced.
The past year has been void of deep sleep,
Except for those sweet sporadic evenings of hibernation,
10 hour bouts of darkness + stillness,
To recenter myself.
I collect sleep like camels collect water
To sustain me for the week
To keep me sane
But im tired
The thing is, i have a dream.
And i can’t 100% rely on anyone but me to make my dreams come true -- a big burden to bare, and
you can’t win a war with no warriors,
But there is a reason leaders lead and the sacrifice that often comes in the form of solitude, the loneliness that fills me when balance escapes me, Which is no doubt why entrepreneurship, while the shiny toy of millential culture, is not for everyone.

But me? I was made for this, and the manageable bouts of solitude + sleepless nights: the will to win, the want for more. I don’t start what i can’t finish + i don’t play to lose.
Not for the thrill, but for the kill. The long game, the sustainability factor, the marathon.
Balance will always be my challenge -- not just in work but in love + in play, because i play the extremes. I go in deep and hard, in conversation, connection, creation.
I dont skate on the surface, i dont do things for the applause. I seek more. And more seeks me.
Polarizing? Sure. Because such intensity lacks balance when the intensity is turned on, focused. I feel it.


2019 is the year for growth, personally + professionally. In love + in war. Aka business.
So, while Self awareness is my best skill, balance is my greatest challenge, and i believe it might always be. But challenge fuels me + dreams require conviction, commitment + consistency, to make true...So today I work more than i play + think more than i sleep--But my committment is unwaivering and will not settle for complacency from me or anyone else. No distractions: i am fueling my time instead of filling it- my body, my life or otherwise. Im going on a full week without sporadic stops to the candy store, Because once i pop, the fun don’t stop -- not in excess but in habit: that well managed under $2 daily dose of Dylans Candy Bar to satisfy my sweet tooth belly full of poison, is not fueling my life. Its filling empty space.
This year i am saddling up big to bigger expectations of me, from me. This is the year to create my best version of self so far, and ideally find more balance along the way.
Consistency creates commitment. Commitment creates change. Be your change.
it is hard work to livyoung, to be your best self. Lets do this together, for the long run. You in?
I am. for both the struggle + the success. I know what i have + what i don’t and i’m ready for more (and sometimes less). Now i just need to manage it all, to delegate along the way, to grow.

I don’t want to be a butterfly---You know, the caterpillar that blossoms.
I want to be a ninja that learns, that moves seamlessly when no one is watching, that holds knowledge and power, physically and mentally, that is ever evolving into a better version of themself. The quiet assassin that surprises — who balances confidence and heart Comes from a place of love, not war. But always serves a purpose, uses what she has, relies on her instinct, her will, her strength. I dont need to be the loudest to be the strongest. I just need to flow thru the fight, with grace + ease, rooted in strength + will. To build big dreams, big teams, and a big life. After all, the best fighters are dancers. Forever seeking balance. #workhard #livyoung