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KINGS NEVER DIE muhammad ali + elvis

KINGS NEVER DIE muhammad ali + elvis

it is funny how things evolve and connect. and interesting when they don't. when you finally let things FLOW ... when you stop controlling or forcing, what happens? do things fall apart? stay the same? flourish? think about it. i was always told that you cant force a deal.

as humans, we are constantly forcing -- trying to control an outcome, trying to plan the future.

letting go is often much more challenging than just letting things BE. BEcause as humans, we are obsessed with control.

which brings me to the idea of fight.

fight. force. control. but is it? is that the fight? because if its JUST fight, then its counter productive. you have to counter FIGHT with FLOW so that life can evolve...  

to me, fight is fire. fight is energy.

FIGHT is the will to win. the want for more.

we all have potential for greatness. but greatness comes from within.

the fight isn't just about "what are you fighting for?"

it is more. FIGHT is about recognizing you have a fight, a fire, a desire...

some people don't. and that is ok too. it is ok to be complacent + happy in their 9 to 5 job. happy enough in their relationships. being content is a beautiful thing ... if it is authentic. living vs. existing are very different. but the only one that decides what is right for you, is YOU.

back to FIRE. there is the desire for more. the fight for substance. to live a fuller life.

FIGHT comes in stages:

1. RECOGNIZE that FIGHT exists within. you have a FIRE. (self awareness/desire)

2. identify the PURPOSE of the FIGHT. WHAT are you fighting for? WHAT is the fire? (purpose) - because fight without a purpose is a story without an ending.

3. the CONFIDENCE that you can create and achieve what your fire burns for.

4. GRATITUDE that you are able to FIGHT for what you want at all. (humility)

SO -- where do you stand in fight vs. flow. Do you have a fire? What does it burn for? Do you believe that you CAN? Can you recognize the beauty in being grateful that you are able to fight at all?  And can you let flow in to allow the fight to cultivate into something bigger?

FLOW is the sweetness after the struggle.

box + flow is about the balance of both. and then some.

it is the physicality that lends to something greater.

come channel your greatest. #boxandflow 55 Bond Street. coming soon.

work hard. #livyoung.

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