new york summer love.

Memories to me can be broken in three categories: where/what I was eating, who I was dating and where I was sweating. Because as far as I’m concerned – fitness, sex, and food: “the best things in life make you sweat.”

I love the smell of Amy’s bread from the outside

And hoppy beer in the summertime

I like dark crust with salty butter from Lafayette and

catching dark eyes from men with dark features on Prince and Broadway

I like sleeping in the sun and sweating thru 5 layers of fleece running across two bridges from Nolita thru Brooklyn and back over the Manhattan bridge

I love uncovering human passion projects like mother/daughter hidden bakeshop THE cupcake market on the lower east side

I love swimming in ice cold sheets on mulberry between prince and spring

Smelling the fragrance of newly washed linens and crisp pillow cases now covered in last nights mascara.

I love the bee’s knees shake at the juice shop near kenmare

And wearing no underwear with long skirts and heels

I love eating my eggs fried in anchovy oil

And mixing country Dijon in my canned Italian tuna with a crack of fresh pepper, squirt of lemon and sometimes a drop of chive cream cheese.

Im not supposed to eat sugar or chemicals, who is, but sometimes when im in dire need of something sweet, ill make a nitecap with mccallan 15 and vanilla soy creamer –my homemade pseudo luxe nondairy Bailey’s equivalent. try it. i dare you.

Olvia YoungComment