reflecting on Independence Day

female. 29. entrepreneurial spirit. lust for life. love of beer, sweat, deep connection, intense conversation + passionate kissing…with a fierce intention to inspire + make magic.
i’m an American woman. free to be whatever i want to be. and go wherever i want to go. i am free to speak - say how i feel and feel how i say. i am free to love and to laugh, to wear what i want, when i want.

freedom: a strong word that is so often taken for granted. my struggle however is focusing on the simplicity of the freedoms i have, like the freedom to get up and run – challenging on a day like today as the rain downpours in sleepy Nantucket. but i will run in the rain and go to yoga and move my body freely - because i can. 

back to freedom - what a powerful word. when I moved to new york at 23, i had no idea what i was in for. but i figured it out. i figured out how to walk faster + talk faster. bc if i didn’t, i would fall behind. today, on July 5, 2016, as i breathe in my freedom, and embark on my next decade, i am grateful whilst acknowledging the desire for more — and the freedom to create what i desire.

i yearn for a career that fuels my soul + inspires others,

even more connections + peers that light up my life

and One love limitless enough to overcome life’s unexpected obstacles.

Happy July 5th — and cheers to the ability to create and live freely

Olvia Young