30 years + 1 day old

top of Aspen mountain

top of Aspen mountain

August 5, 2016

Happy birthday + 1 day to me. On the first day of my 4th decade – I feel alive (and in my happy place Aspen,) nonetheless. So, rather than reflect on 30 years past, I am overwhelmed by warm wishes and unforeseen kindness from friends, family and strangers alike, leaving me feeling humbled, grateful and blessed.

And although my body aches from yesterday: 3 mile sprint to Warrior Fitness Bootcamp (carrying 25lb water jug up + down 12 flights of stairs) and a full day of travel… I still wake up and run thru the mountains before yoga class.

Now I am not advising to be extreme. My self awareness is in check in recognizing that most people do not run, box, flow, flight, climb etc. to their limits, but I do, because it makes me feel alive.

My heart beating out of my chest reminds me to feel all the feels. It unlocks my cognizance, deep thinking and emotion. And my breath carries me thru it all.

I push myself because I can. Not always because I want to but because I know that I can. And if you truly can, then you must. IF and when I doubt my ability, I push myself harder because I can. And so can you.

This isn’t about running a million miles, or working out for hours or climbing the highest mountain or winning the longest race…being best in show or most successful or the like.

To liv young is about wanting to be YOUR personal best, in whatever iteration. It isn’t about how you look. Because if you know me or work out with me – you know that I wear long sleeve shirts atop boys Sports Authority baseball tees, American Apparel leggings and an Adidas zip up ive had since 8th grade. This jacket has seen all the sights and run with me thru many countries and continents. And the smell of sweat, victory and struggle cannot seem to be washed out of it, no matter how much fabric freshener is added. I typically have eye liner running down my face from the night before and my hair is tied up in too many elastics.

With that said, –  I don’t often post personal photos of me running or standing on my chin or fighting my good fight, because that is my time. Instead, I post what I see, from where I stand. Because my freedom to get up and go is usually impulsively slipping on my sneakers pre 7am and heading out into the world, without a photographer. This is me time to gather my thoughts, breathe thru my emotion, and actualize the present moment as I inhale and exhale. If you’re up for it though, join me. Lets be spontaneous together and push me to push you and vice versa.

Do not be mistaken though. This isn’t about physicality or ability. This is about a want and a will for more. It is a discipline and an effort – in fitness, in love, in life.

My point? Push yourself. See what you’re made of. WANT to be better, faster, stronger and breathe thru the difficulty - the doubt - the insecurity. Breathe in the success and often times failures. Learn thru it all. This is about wanting, willing and being capable of more. Always. One life. Liv young.

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