july 20, 2016

i wake up everyday without fail (and always before 6am) and i move my body.

i run for freedom. i box to fight thru my fear, anxiety and to gain empowerment.

i flow in yoga, to open my heart, twist my spine, become centered, wring out the old and open up to the new.

i woke up to a note from an ex that made me smile. grateful for the well wishes. i thanked him at 545am via text and assumed he was sleeping until 7am as usual. instead, i received a quick note in return. after inquiring as to why he was up, he said he was going for a run. it made me so happy. he was the 3rd person this week that told me i inspired them to get moving. to me, that is success. my heart is full.

with 25 minutes to spare, i set out on a 4 mile run pre yoga.

as i ran thru the the early morning soho streets, i was disgusted by the smell of old garbage, missed opportunity and runaway dreams. and quickly my mind shifted to rodney an older man in my jivamukti yoga class yesterday. rodney is at least 68, 7/8 bald, and spent most of the 95 minute class in headstand. he certainly wasn’t the most technically talented yogi in the bunch, nor did he care. but his spirit was the most free. it was enlightening to see. i quickly shifted my perspective as i headed uptown before looping back to yoga in tribeca.

in typical olivia fashion, i run fast.  i love human connection. i make eye contact with as many people i can. i often get smiles or comments of sorts. today the best one was “you can do it!” - to which i whipped my head around and with a big smile responded,“so can you!” 

as i continued running, i forgot about the smelly streets, bad dates and wasted time. i opened up to the possibility of lightness and breathed and flowed thru yoga class with a sense of ease. today will be whatever i make it. and i want to make it great.

Olvia Young