Workout of the Day

post workout magic with Action Jackson

post workout magic with Action Jackson

Workout of the Day

I’m trying to be more proactive with self practice. Not only because it saves money, time, and scheduling but also because its a discipline. A discipline I have but tend to get ADHD about. The only thing I’m really great at getting up and doing solo is running. Running is where I collect my thoughts, see the city/world and clear my mind. With that said, I typically run 3-7 miles/day either as a warmup or a workout. I like to go do some weights/kettlebells and then might box or do yoga. My goal is to follow a similar structure for self practice 3x/week at least.


50 deadlifts (30 lb)

50 45-lb kettle bell swings

50 35-lb kettle bell swings

50 sumo squats (30 lbs)

50 regular squats (30 lbs)

50 plank rows (15lbs each hand)

50 bicep curls (15 lb weights)

50 chest presses (15 lb) 

50 leg machine outward rotation

50 leg machine inner thighs

100 jabs (4lb weights)

100 crosses (4lb weights)

50 lateral arm raises (4lb weights)

1 hour vinyasa flow

Total 90 minutes

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