to liv young

in my happy place. doing what makes me happy

in my happy place. doing what makes me happy

to liv young: so what does this mean? below is what it means to me. take what you will and then define your version for yourself.

definition: to embrace life to the fullest, grab an opportunity by the b*lls, forgive but never forget. recognize the energy of the universe and let it work its magic. take calculated risks. listen to your heart. recognize challenges but never back down. see thru bullshit.

carefully and thoughtfully identify those who claim be in your corner vs those who really are.** (THIS IS IMPORTANT. designate the difference between a mentor and a bully, ie someone who truly wants to help and see you succeed versus those who offer to help, only to make you feel less than capable. these people are discouraging. they are bullies.)

Be introspective. try new things to learn what you like and what you don't like. this will lead you to learn more about yourself.

engage in conversation. with everyone. learn about people. what makes them tick, what fuels their soul. this will allow you to learn more about yourself. be bold.

dance, always; in the rain, in the sun, in happiness and sadness. you will be surprised how a little wiggle can make sad times just a little bit happier.

make mistakes. get real drunk and do something stupid. and don't do it again.

date someone you shouldn't. have your heartbroken. this will teach you how you should be treated. and never allow someone to treat you poorly again.

ask questions. be curious. but recognize that sometimes the answers (or the truth) are not what you want to hear.

get messy -- with food, in relationships, with friends, in life. have fun.

ALWAYS listen more than you speak. so when you have something worth saying, people will really listen.

push yourself. recognize your limits. surpass them. your limits are mental. if you think you can't, you can't. so ALWAYS think you can, and you will. prove yourself wrong. know that people will tell you you can't. continue to tell yourself you can. and prove them wrong.

walk confident. shoulders back, head high. speak confident. make eye contact. be confident. in all things. if you show up with confidence, only the weak will try and knock you down. don't let them.

surround yourself with smart people. people smarter or wise than you (via age or experience). learn from them.

you are not your body. you are your mind, heart and soul. but your body is your home. so take care of it but challenge it. push it to work harder for you, but reward it in return. nourish it well but also gift it treats like yoga, massages, and ice cream. work hard to play. 

take time to be quiet. so you can hear your gut speak. AND follow your intuition.

acknowledge your fears, insecurities and doubts. recognize what triggers those feelings. and then tell them to fuck off.

let your thoughts liv but never let them control you

make space for love.

liv. don't limit.


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