Craving Connection

Suffice it to say I woke up yesterday morning determined to push myself. Harder.

I needed to feel alive after Saturday nights’ 6th avenue explosion. I needed connection. I got out of bed and didn’t think twice. Sneakers on. Smelly Adidas jacket zipped. I hit the ground running. I ran as fast as I could up the West Side Highway.

I craved to be around others and feed off their energy. So I ran. Fast. Among my peers. I felt the need to push myself. Harder. To prove to myself that I could. Faster. So I did. And in doing so, not only did I connect to others. But to myself. And proved that I could beat my goals.

I often say that New York City is the loneliest city in the world. Even though it is filled with people and forever stimulation, it is so easy to be among a sea of thousands and still feel totally alone.

So do something about it. Connect.

Go run the bridges. Ride the subway. Take a group class. Hell - walk thru the crowds at San Gennaro on Mulberry Street. Feel the energy around you.

But recognize that you can't connect to others unless you first connect to yourself. So pick a challenge. Push yourself harder. Prove to you, that you can - by doing. Be a part of something bigger. But first, be a part of yourself. By proving to yourself that you can, you are opening up to the possibility of so much more.

Run faster, risk bigger, love more.

Surprise yourself. 5:17 min/mile? I did.

Olvia YoungComment