Embracing Transitions Gracefully

 ‘’And the seasons they go round and round. And the painted ponies go up and down. We're captive on the carousel of time. We can't return we can only look. Behind from where we came. And go round and round and round. In the circle game *

There is something beautiful about the changing of the seasons. Summer ends and Fall sweeps in. Fall brings new beginnings. It brings cooler air and changing leaves. It brings belly warming foods to fill post Summer bellies.  Fall brings the forth quarter home stretch before year-end. It brings back to school vibes and back to work woes. Unfortunately, it also brings San Gennaro festival to Mulberry Street – bringing troughs of sausage and fried dough consuming tourists to where I call home.

A new season with new beginnings also brings anxious energy and fear of change. But finding the beauty in transition is where the hard work comes in. Take on change with grace. Find the fun in change. In the end, it is all about mindset.

In the past few months,  I have been seriously resistant to change. I am a lady of routine and my routine went on a roller coaster ride. As such, I have been running for a while, from myself, from commitment, from transition, making decisions and entering the next phase of my fourth decade. But all of the running back and forth to Miami, Colorado, Nantucket, Miami, Colorado, Chicago and beyond has brought on a greater desire for commitment and grounding. And my running has led me to learn more about myself – my strengths as well as my shortcomings.

I often relate fight vs. flow to life. Beyond the physicality (box +flow), the idea of too much flow or too much fight leads to imbalance, especially in those with a fiery disposition like my own. But when I let flow in, breath and ease bring me balance, especially whilst in transition.

So with more flow and less fight, I have stopped running from risk and and change, yet certainly not stopped running every morning to get my heart pumping and my thoughts fueled. And when my morning runs have a bouncy lightness to them (instead of a rushed pounding of pavement) it seems like every traffic light switches to green in my favor. My energy affects the energy of the people I run past, offering and therefore receiving smiles and good morning vibes. My flow affects their flow.

On my most recent trip to my happy place, I noticed the recurring theme of Ganesha. Ganesha is the elephant-headed god of wisdom and learning, the remover of obstacles and the power that ensures success in human endeavors. As a believer in signs, it was no coincidence that this symbol seemed to continually appear and push me further towards embracing new things and fully celebrate my next life chapter and new business endeavor.

So I challenge you to be open to the changing of the seasons and the new beginnings it brings. Because ‘going with the flow’ will result in much more gain than going with a fight. Take a yoga class for example; try breathing so deeply that you don’t think to look at the clock until final resting pose. That is detachment. That is moving meditiation. With that lightness, you can do anything.

So, goodbye Summer and Welcome Fall. Welcome change. Welcome cool weather, new projects, new beginnings, new friendships, new creations + new love of life.

Olvia YoungComment