no thank you.

no thank you.

mediocrity is not something I stand for. I don’t agree with it. and it doesn’t agree with me. but to know mediocre, you have to be mediocre and to know your personal best, you have to push your limits. I often talk about sleep + breath + energy, because sleep makes me fly.  And lack there of leaves me at mediocre capacity, or as I call it: half cap. Kudos to those who can live in the grey. me? I just don’t know how. grey is a comfort zone i have played with in the past and a zone i have no space for in my future.

Starting a business, running a business, growing a business … its not for the faint of heart, or the mediocre. you are always pushing yourself for better + best. And how you do anything is how you do everything. My motto is #workhard #livyoung for a reason. Really. Take a yoga class next to me. There is a good chance you’ll either love the energy, or find another spot next time. 

But I’m realizing that while I’m building a service business to empower others, i also need to take time for me. running box + flow also involves teaching classes, managing people, and managing myself…which definitely takes a plethora of energy and a necessity to recharge. Not to mention balancing a social life simultaneously.

so Saturday, I took time to be selfish. i needed to recharge, physically + mentally. after teaching friday night + a sold out Saturday morning, and hearing my friend and old boss tell me my eyes looked disrupted, i took a pause.  when I don’t sleep, everything slows down – my brain, my movement, my energy, efficiency, my ability to listen, connect + contribute.

i shut off +  missed out on an event I had looked forward to with lady boss @jlewbags + a room full of #girlswithguts, a drink with friends + a birthday in hopes to reconnect to myself. bc otherwise, I would have shown up at half cap, and mediocre is not a place that I can #liv.

Learning to say no is a great lesson to learn. Start saying it when it suits you. Because you can’t be everything for yourself + everyone else all of the time. But just because you say no, doesn’t mean you’re mediocre. Id rather be 100% present, than half cap + sometimes being your best version of you involves disappointing people along the way. my friendships have changed, i let go of a relationship I couldn’t commit to at the time + a business relationship the same. yes, fear of commitment is definitely a thing. but when im in, im all in, no excuses.

i still have few regrets and have learned many lessons. ive learned that the people who are truly in your corner will always understand. and that being self aware is the most important part of the process. I fear commitment, I fear change, but I face my fears everyday, with 100% of myself, because mediocre is no place for me. and my daily commitment to my own boxing + flowing has empowered me with that mindset everyday. i wake up + believe that victory, opportunity + possibility await, the sky is the limit, and the world needs my energy. and so should you. give 100% of yourself to whatever fuels you. don't settle for less. #liv, don’t #limit.

#workhard #livyoung


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