looking back + moving forward


Without fully recognizing my own story when I opened a year ago…I’m finally realizing the depths of what i created in box + flow: a safe place for women unafraid to get messy + men unashamed to flow, a place for people to be just as they are, without judgment, fear or shame. a place to fight for your dreams and let go of your fears, to uncover your limitless potential, to find your “flow.”

Box + flow is a place for me to be vulnerable and share my passions with the world…not just boxing + yoga but a platform to clear my anxiety, fight for my fire, my wants, my dreams, and let go of what doesn’t serve me – to strip away the layers that hold me back from getting where I want to be, to fight + to flow.  it is a place where I can celebrate my hard work with a beer after + grab a burger with those who sweat beside me. it is a place to find balance, to #workhard + #livyoung

Boxing gives me strength + yoga forces me to feel.

For so long I was ignoring my path, my intuition + myself thru busy distractions like dating + work. Whenever I was bored with my job, I fixated on men. I got caught up in bad relationships that left me feeling empty until I felt whole again. After bad dates or big breakups, no matter how debilitating, I picked myself up to run, box + flow. I can remember the anger pouring out of me as I hit the bag each morning at Work Train Fight, along with the tequila seeping thru my pores.I can picture the tears streaming down my face in each yoga class I cried thru one break up over the next on my mat.

Boxing allowed me to let go. Yoga forced me to feel what I felt without hate + anger. Box + flow brought me to balance my emotions and move on.

I want to build a business, (i am building a business) -- offering a feeling, a connection, a release, available to all. I get emails from students who can’t afford class but it's what they need. I get emails from parents whose children are transitioning into student life and the only release they’ve found is thru box + flow. Box + flow is for everyone: men + women, old + young.

I want to make this feeling accessible to all who need it: everyone who has a fight and those who don’t even know it lives within them. Box + flow is about finding your fire, your passion, your strength, your resilience, + then letting go – to allow flow in so things can create and evolve, because fire with fire, is just that. Its all red. Its counterproductive. We need FIRE + water. We need the sweetness after the struggle to allow our hard work to settle in, to recognize and acknowledge our efforts: how hard we work, but also to be very clear about what we’re working for. Some people don’t even know they have a fire, a passion. Box + flow allows you to discover that.

And if it is just about the workout (six pack abs + hundreds of calories), that's a great start. But consider digging deeper. Set an intention, commit to it for 55 minutes and watch those routine 600 calories burned edge up to 1000. You get what you give. With effort comes achievement.

So ask yourself this:

What is worth your fight?

What is NOT?

What can you LET GO of?

Start there. Start with that. I started there. And now one year in, i look back to how far I've come. Anything is possible. You just have to believe in YOUrself.

Big dreams. Big things. We #flow thru the fight

#workhard. #livyoung


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