a dirty word


Comparison is a dirty word. and i've definitely felt dirty on many occasions. But I cleaned up a while ago. And when I catch myself tip toeing into the mess, I shape up.

As a sole entrepreneur in a saturated industry, comparison can be justified. But I wont have it. Too much of my energy has been wasted on wondering why they have what i don't + vice versa. And as a single woman who dates like I work, too much of my energy has been wasted on worrying why he chose her over me. When in actuality, both of those scenarios are my own manifestations, neither are true and neither matter. You can spend hours comparing, years even...or you can spend that same time just.



me? I stopped worrying about what others thought and made peace with my decisions, actions + dreams. i'm human. we're human. we compare + live in comparison.

what a waste: too much time spent worrying about what others were doing, as a result of not being satisfied with what I was doing. We all come into our paths at different times – some young, some old, and some never.

Find your own path.

Follow that.

There are no mirrors in box + flow for good reason: no distractions, no judgment, not of yourself, to yourself, or any one else. We keep focused on our fight, our flow, breathing in + letting go. No time to waste and no time wasted, especially not comparing. This weekend was an anomaly. One class in particular just couldn’t stay in their game. They were all too busy focusing on the person next to them going fast or slow, getting too into their heads + too insecure in their actions to even move forward.

I left feeling empty. It made me sad to watch people so concerned about what everyone else was doing, unable to just be for themselves. We spend so much time worrying about everyone else, the images we create, the perception vs. reality. 

It is time to get back to ourselves.

Stop comparing. It leads no where good. It is an empty endless road of always feeling not good enough or sometimes better than. Just focus on you. All you. For you. By you. Do you.

That is all WE need to worry about. The rest will follow.

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