everything is energy.

smiling at a burger, naturally.

smiling at a burger, naturally.

When you open up to positivity - it opens up right back. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, actually for the past year. My brain overcomes me and my body gives in. I get in bed as early as 7pm on nights that I can + toss and turn until the clock hits just before 5am, and I still leap out of bed, ready for new adventures. I used to pass out for 10 hours, wake up by 5 and ferociously tick off my to–do list with upwards of 30 emails sent well before sunrise. 5-7am are magic hours. These days, routine still the same, but with a bit less magic because my brain is a little slower and my body needs some TLC.

Lack of sleep leads to lack of productivity, or perhaps lack of presence. I went for a run last Saturday. I was running so fast, hands so frozen from the wind, with such pep in my step after a solid 9 hour sleep, that I wasn’t paying attention when I ripped a hard right, and my ankle didn’t come with me. Pain pushed me to the ground in shock. UBER picked me up. And I still made it to yoga…and then to teach.

I know, I know. I need to slow down. Everything is energy. The universe is sending me a big fat SLOW sign. But running makes me feel free. I put on my sneakers + go. No matter where I am in the world, no matter the time…it is freedom. I’ve been told many a times by Shamans, energy healers + psychics that I fixate on my short legs that prohibit me from running faster – physically, romantically + professionally. I want to build a brand, but first I have to lay the foundation. I want to get married, but first I have to date. I run everywhere I go, in heels or not.

But today, I can’t run...not even close. My twisted ankle is a true testament to my willpower. I’ve been hobbling around for over a week. Old Olivia would retreat, get sad + focus on the negative. But, everything is energy. If I retreat, the world retreats. If I’m closed off, I’ll be met with resistance. If I fight, universe fights back. There is no progress in that. My attitude has shifted. I choose flow...Spotify in my ears, a hobble in my step, I get where I need to go with a little shimmie, because I’m alive, and like I said last week, im just grateful for that.

Can you dance thru the fire? Can you flow thru the fight? Questions I ask myself, often. I choose Yes: glass half full, rose colored glasses, laughter instead of tears...fun in the now. With big dreams, endless vision + loosely written plans full knowing that plans change + life happens and how I handle transitions is where the magic comes in. No expectation, no anticipation, just a pep in my step, a song in my ears, a belly full of laughter + a heart full of love.

In closing, i have 3 questions: 1) when was the last time you laughed? 2) when was the last time you laughed at yourself? 3) can you find some fun in today--no matter what comes your way?

4 songs to help with your shimmie below:





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