flow thru the fight

Human. Female. New Yorker. Entrepreneur. Leo. Type A.

In other words, I freak out often. Most often on Mondays.

Like most mornings, I wake up to flow thru the fight (literally + figuratively), to lessen the weight of the world on my shoulders, the weight that I choose to carry.

And as i box, with every punch comes a simultaneous short sharp exhale, attached to a different emotion or thought:  Fear. Anxiety. Failure. Worry. Disappointment. Judgement. Sugar. Skinny jeans. Acceptance. Social media. Appearance. Approval. Disapproval. Status quo. Marriage. Kids. age 30.  Love. Loss. Forgiveness, the list goes on...

And with every breath and every punch, I let go.

Boxing gives me strength + confidence:  My will to win, my want for more. Boxing fuels my fire. And once I’ve fought enough to rid of my stress + my fear, then I slow down + flow. And with every lengthened inhale + exhale, every vinyasa up + down dog, I make space. As I open my heart, hips, lungs, breath + mind, I make space for my own acceptance, my own heart opening, my own approval.

Because with all of my emotions + fears, I am only seeking approval from one person: and that is me. MY mind. MY body. MY heart. MY soul.

yes, i practice in my studio almost everyday. but now i fully understand why chefs don't eat in their restaurants. its hard to enjoy when you are in your own space because nothing is ever perfect. the lighting is off, the service is slow, the energy is lower than you want, the waiter or instructor is having a bad day. so i find solace boxing with steve frank + flowing at lyons den.

I seek for greater connection, meaning, action +  understanding of myself + others. I look for purpose in what I do, who I meet, how I speak, what I say. And then I listen. Even on days I wake up and want to retreat, I flow thru the fight.

so this post is for you. all of you: the type-a go-getters. the content-no-stress happy go lucky lovers, the complacent few who are bored but too stuck to know which way to turn. no matter which way you choose, just #flowthruthefight. make it graceful even when its gritty. and never give up on yourself. because the only approval you need, is your own. 

i practice what i preach. to me: Pereseverance is a state of mind. Giving up is not an option. Let go of what doesn’t serve you, to make space for what does. The will to win. The want for more. Flow thru the fight. #workhard. #livyoung.


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