celebrate, always.


I used to say, ill celebrate when I have something to celebrate.

I was in such a dark place of unknown, (transitioning from quitting my job + afraid to start box + flow, for fear that everyone was watching + judging. but really I was just judging myself) that I couldn’t even find reason to have fun.

Oh boy has that changed.

Judgement or not, we’re 14 months in, thriving + I’m celebrating everyday. Forgiving for the bad and acknowledging the good – finding celebration if only in a bout of laughter or a really good beer. #livyoung

Am I where I want to be? No way. I’m just starting. And this is going to be an uphill battle for sure, but im not afraid. #workhard

We live in transition… it’s called life, which is why it is not always about the change, but how you handle it: the sweet + the sour. You choose to flow or to fight but anything dealt with resistance will resist. If you choose to #flowthruthefight – to find the ease in change, the transition can be smooth – it can be easy.

3 years ago I spent new years at Del Posto with a boyfriend I ferociously hated but sought his affection so hard I sold my soul for 11 months trying to win his. Del Posto was dark + I was wasted. We got in a battle, made all of our friends terribly uncomfortable, I fell down the stairs + we broke up the next day.

“The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.”


For me, the one thing missing is love. And in all of these transitions + learning to love myself, I know that finding love will be easy.

Heart open, head high, (+ fists up in seconds,) -- ready for anything.

2017, im grateful

2018, im ready.

We #flowthruthefight


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