ego vs. heart

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A dream is a dream until you make it reality. 14 months ago I shut off the noise, stopped looking for answers, partners, advice + permission.  And i followed my heart.

I have all my answers. So do you. everything you need is inside.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Really. Be honest with yourself. What do you see? Stop doubting. Start doing. But from your heart. Not your ego. Your ego doubts. Your ego judges. Your ego is rooted in insecurity.

Ego OUT. Heart IN.

Ask yourself the tough questions. And answer them...from your heartyou may or may not understand box + flow. it isn't about how fast you can punch, how hard you can hit, or if you can touch your toes. It is about how deep you can breathe from the length of your spine to the depth of your core, about shedding the layers holding you back from being vulnerable, from being you. exactly as you are. No ego. Just heart.

so are you willing to understand yourself?

I lead with love but recognize my ego + now ask myself before making decisions: Ego or heart? example: are you upset he/she didn’t call you back because you really like him/her? or is your ego just bruised?

Ego is external – mirrors, flash, façade. Heart is pure. no mirrors. no flash. all real. heart + soul. gritty + gratifying. authentic. that is box + flow.

be authentic. be You.

And after the hard questions (the deep sweat, the fight), we flow. We celebrate. You need to shed the layers and ask yourself about your dreams + fears. Fight for what you want. Let go of what you don’t.

Life is too short to resist your dreams. Confident in your decisions – head high (ego), heart open + forever moving forward.

Listen to your heart.

only YOU have your answers.

Everything you need is inside.

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