facing new fears: all in.


I sell myself everyday. I show up, all in. Or I stay in bed.

If Im half cap(apacity) – im half cap. And for me, there is no power in that. So I sleep 8-10 hrs. I tap out at 2 beers. I eat mostly greens + lots of healthy fat + burgers with no buns. I love sugar but stick with just under 2$ at Dylan's Candy Bar.

And I live big. And bold. ALL IN.

So I started this fundraising thing. Selling myself, concept and brand. Full heart. Transition. Right now. From box + flow Bond Street --- To box + flow big time. But I have no road map. And no where to run + hide. I am just here. Giving my all. To grow what I love even more than myself.

Because it is so much bigger than just me.

But fundraising means money. and money is simply the hardest thing to ask for, the elephant in the room, more uncomfortable these days than asking for sex. If you want sex, just hop on tinder, swipe right, and go get it. Money? different story.

But im scared.

and it is a different scared than when I started. A different fear ive faced every day since I opened – or even before that when I decided to leave the comfort of a cushy job for a dream no one understood...and in the short term, ie now, the only thing I can do is face my fear in the best way I know how: wrap up my hands, slip on my gloves + head to 55 bond street, to box + flow, to #flowthruthefight.

#workhard #livyoung

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