Time is a funny thing really: a finite resource, like gold.
We never have enough and therefore always want more: supply + demand.

But its not about how much we have, rather how we spend it.
Are you always busy working? Or always busy living.
Some would say I’m “always working.”
Me? I’m busy living. I do what I love + love what I do – work + play.
Your time is yours. YOU choose how to spend it. Choose wisely.

As a firm believer in “the best things in life make you sweat,” I work hard + LIVYOUNG. I put in 100% to get 100%, give time to myself, to others, and always find time to celebrate, even in the smallest of ways – a hug, a beer, a bought of voracious laughter.
It doesn’t have to be so complicated.
Yes, time is finite. But never “enough time” – becomes an easy excuse.
Its not about how much time you have, but rather how you spend it.

Design your time.
Start here:
How do you spend your time?
Who do you spend your time with? Do they fuel you or deplete you?
Where do you spend time? (home, work, at a bar…)
Why do you spend your time how you do? (money, obligation, etc.)

Then try this:
How do you WANT to spend your time?
Who do you WANT to spend your time with?
Where do you WANT to spend your time?
Why do you WANT to spend your time re: above?

Take charge of your time.
Take charge of your life.
Small changes make big differences.

Does your work fuel you or deplete you? Maybe both.
Do the people around you inspire or exhaust you?
Make time for what you want. Stop spending time doing what you don’t, because it “makes sense” or because “you should.”
If you want to be in a relationship, make time to date.
If you are in a relationship, that takes work too. Make time for your relationship.
And the longest relationship you have, is with yourself. So make time for you.

I need sleep, sweat, fuel, work + celebration each day. Yes, daily.
It is my commitment to me. And I don’t make excuses either way.
I do what makes me happy. I work hard + LIVYOUNG.

Sometimes hard work out weights living young. And I wake up feeling lonely.
And some days living young overwhelms working hard and I wake up tired or hung over from more than one beer, an over buttered burger, or belly aching laughter.
But so it goes.
This is life.
We all seek balance between work + play everyday, BALANCE in how we spend our
time + who we spend it with.

My suggestion is: start with you.
It is Your life, your story, your movie, your time.
Do what you love, love what you do, for you. 
Because once you show up for you, everything else starts to show up – work, life, love. So rather than filling up time with disconnected tasks and surface conversation, consider spending time surrounded by the who, what, when, where, + how’s of what make you happy. And give time to others not out of obligation, but because it fuels you. We get what we give.

Your time.
Your life.
Your choice.
Work hard. LIVYOUNG.

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