pace > race


We are so focused on outcome. On the goal. On the win, that we lose site of the now, the process. The time we spend fixating on future distracts us from now. The time we spend comparing our pace to others, distracts us from the now.
But all we have is now.

I run fast. Talk fast. Love fast. Work fast. Hurt fast. Im good at fast.

For the better part of my adult life I raced to the end. I wanted to know the answer before I read the story. I wanted to plan a wedding before I went on a first date. I wanted to build a brand before I taught a class.

And when I couldn’t figure those answers out myself, I sought answers from every spiritual healer, psychic, shaman, fortune teller, life coach, + shrink that money could buy. I wanted to race thru time to my future. And in the process, I lost sight of the now.

In 31 years, boxing + yoga has been my physical outlet. And in the past 5 or so, I woke up prior and would run to warm up. Running lets me think, boxing gives me fight + yoga forces me to feel. In 31 years, I have never sprained an ankle. In the past 5 months, I sprained two.

I always want to run before I walk. To fall in love before the first date. To raise a bunch of money before I prove a concept. That changed. Pace > race. In the most physical sense, I was forced to slow down. I used to get up and run because it made me feel free. Running was not paced, but raced... Sub 6 minute miles to either run away from myself or run closer to me in the process. Day by day was different. I never ran far, I just ran to get thru, to wake up and feel alive. Heart beating, breath heavy, no pace. Just race.

but 2 ankles out and I was literally forced to slow down.
To shift my perspective.
To be in the now.
To slow down and feel.
To reconnect to my who, what, when, where + why.
To not rush the process.
To just be here.
Pace > race.
Makes sense, no?

Fastest is not always best.
We liv in real time. In real life.
Or we race thru time to get “there” faster.
But what really is the “there?”
Whatever it is, its out of our control.
So why not just be here, now. Liv free, liv full, liv bold each day.
Pace > race.
Because sometimes its just about enjoying the ride.
#workhard #livyoung



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