dig a little deeper.


my friend @nikifara said it best. it is never about the photo on my instagram or @boxandflow. it is always about what is underneath, the caption + the underlying message, which parallels myself + the method. box + flow isn't about boxing or yoga. it is about the commitment to yourself. it is about the practice of channeling both your strength + your struggle, to work hard + livyoung. to celebrate you.

this stands true for all things in my world. it is how i live, who i surround myself with and who i am: the good + the bad. in my experience, smoke fades + mirrors are only skin deep. i don't live my life surfaced and don't surround myself with people who do. for far too long i fixated on appearance (myself, others, etc.), how good he looked on paper, how fierce my job title was, how great i looked in my skinniest jeans +how many pairs of shoes i owned. looks can be deceiving. what a shitty feeling to appear perfect on the outside but empty + unfulfilled within.

today i stand for something more. a feeling i channel thru box + flow. a feeling called LIVYOUNG. forget about how it looks, how does it feel? dig deeper. uncover the magic - in yourself and others. the picture above is me standing on my hands. the text beside (and below) is what matters. do the work + uncover something new. it isn't always pretty, but i can guarantee the lessons you learn along the way will be worth it. it is a way of being, to #workhard + #livyoung

What are you bringing to the world around you?
“This city is soft, gritty, dirty and pretty. It’s real, raw, heart-breaking and heart-filling. New York City makes me feel ALIVE. I wake up at 5am and take on the day, take on the city, take on ME, along with whatever challenges are in my way—paving the way for something greater ahead. I hope I bring balance to the city through self-awareness, self-acceptance, strength and softness. I hope I spread the message of self-love through connecting within, to oneself and to others.“—ambassador

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