always with purpose

no matter how challenging my business becomes, i will always come back to why i started it: to preach self love thru connection to self, first. ... embracing our ego + hearts, confidences + insecurities, to recognize our fears and our dreams and then be present in the process of making them all come true.

it wasn't until i connected to myself that anything else connected. if i never identified with struggle, i wouldn't be able to experience sweetness. without challenge there is no change. without discomfort, there is no comfort. it is up to us as individuals to create our paths, to change what no longer serves us OR choose to  wait for the "perfect time" to change + unfortunate situations to pass. i am leading with pro-activity - to inspire myself + others to take control of our fears + desires to manifest our own destinies thru embracing SELF.

this feeling of #balance: good + bad, sweet + sour, grit + soft, food + fitness is a way of life. and box + flow physically, mentally + emotionally forces you there, thru finding fight (strength, confidence, power) + opening to flow (ease, release + letting go). It is the physicality of the workhard/livyoung lifestyle.
passion with purpose is all. the. things. and notes like i received yesterday morning, make the hard work worth all of the celebration. #balance.

#workhard #livyoung