shifting perspective

box + flow + beer. #balance

box + flow + beer. #balance

I’m not in fitness. I'm in life. I seek balance, we all do, between work + play, everyday. And work doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do, but that doesn’t make it easy.  There is no sweet without sour + no flow without fight. Curve balls await around every corner. My dream surpasses the physical (box +flow). I want to build a community of empowerment thru balance, good + bad, food + fitness, workhard + celebrate, a lifestyle.

And as I lay the groundwork at 55 bond street, I am constantly reminded of the hard work it entails. As I crawl out of bed at 5am on Friday, I have pep in my step and TGIF on my mind, but my inbox is sprinkled with customer issues about last night: messy. hot. crowded, no hand wraps and noise complaints from the restaurant downstairs...issues are never ending.  And while I don't believe in mistakes, I do collect lessons -  more each day. When I start to get insecure in my decisions or journey, I seek out for help or someone to give me the answers. But I always come back home, to the constant reminder on box + flow’s front door “everything you need is inside.”

As a headstrong, stubborn solo female founder, I continue to move forward in my intention to change the world.  Forever seeking balance thru the grit + the soft. The work hard comes easy. The celebration is my challenge. But regardless of all that occurred in my inbox pre sunrise, I know that my team has my back, I am supported, and my dreams have legs. So I’m going to do as Missy Elliot suggests on what would seem like the start of a shitty Friday, take my perspective and “flip it and reverse it.”

Because we choose how we show up. I can take this weight with me today or see the bigger picture, the silver lining that is the start of something beautiful: a functioning business with a strong message, to bring balance, sweet + sour, hard work + livyoung with purpose, even in challenging situations.  There is no celebration without struggle. And to be honest, I think I quite like both. You?

Happy Friday. #workhard #livyoung