never be that girl


I was prompted to write this after I saw myself first hand, in someone else’s body last weekend. I celebrated life + danced the night away, in a see thru dress, in a sea of people I didn’t know and left solo to leave a woman who was prowling around my date go home with him. She was ok being sloppy seconds. I know that feeling. And I made a promise long ago, that ill never be that girl again.

Guy or girl, doesn’t matter what gender. Whatever/whoever you are. Never settle for less than you are. Because how you show up, is how you are received.
Own. Your. Shit.
Just be you. 

never be that girl
who waits for the night to end
to be his last resort,
after the last call.
Never be that girl,
someones second option,
the stand in who he didn’t pay attention to all night.

Never be that girl
Who allows themselves to be knocked down,
And judged,
And questioned.
Never be that girl 

Judgment will always exist
Never let it allow you to judge yourself.
If you discount yourself, you will be discounted
If you doubt yourself, you will be doubted.  

I used to be that girl.
Someones second choice, their next best thing.
And looking back to when I allowed second best to define me,
I now know it was exactly what I thought of myself. 

There is no light without darkness, no sweetness without struggle,
no story without history. And we can’t escape our past.
Our past shaped our present. Our present shapes our future.

But never again will I be that girl, who settles for less than her worth.
Choose to be your first choice. And you will be chosen first.
Confidence over everything.
#workhard. #livyoung.