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Your body tells you what you need. You just have to listen.
Yesterday I didn’t much feel like myself and interestingly enough, I didn’t much look like myself either. So I’m exposing my insecurity + re-posting this photo here.
As a reminder to speak truth + listen always.

Tuesday took a toll on me. I woke up my usual 5 or 6am, worked out by 7am and spent the entirety of the day- 15 hours thru 930pm talking, meeting, speaking, teaching, coaching, + sealed off the evening with a cocktail at ATLA before jumping into bed later than my norm, a tender 10’oclock.

I didn’t sleep well, felt a chill + woke up with a slight fever. My body was talking to me + I needed to listen. Like most of us, especially in NYC, we’re always moving. I am an extreme case – run a business, have a life, literally live by the mantra #workhard + #livyoung  + often the working hard part first. I work my body, my mind, + my soul nonstop. I eat to refuel + sleep more than most on my terms 8pm-5am, when I can. I leave ample time for celebration, everyday, even if that just means shaking my tail feathers up Lafayette street with a song in my head, a hug or a nightcap…

But Tuesday’s shenanigans left me fried. Wednesday arrived + fever in tow, I still showed up. I took it slower in yoga + asked my boxing trainer to handle with care. I had a brief meeting before a shower, a smoothie + work at home before allowing myself to have care via massage, a sauna at higher dose + manicure before more meetings + a dinner I was looking forward to at new hotspot Legacy Records. I could have cancelled but instead I took self care into my own hands. Because even I need to take a knee every so often, or in this case, I just needed some TLC.

En route to dinner, I took a selfie. But I didn’t look like myself, makes sense considering I didn’t much feel like myself either. I posted it and then deleted it late night.
And sit here asking myself why?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
What do you say to yourself?
Do you listen to your words? Do you listen to others?
When do you connect? To yourself, to others?
What do you feed yourself?
Do you practice self care?
Are you connected? To you? To others?

I am focused on connection, always.
And connection starts with me.
I need to listen to my body's cravings: food, sleep, sweat, love.
head, body + heart.

A good hug is always necessary...A few hours of self care, some quiet time, a moment of gratitude for all your hard work, or some brutal honesty and self reflection to discover what motivates the decisions you make – internal or external. You are your best resource.

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