Change the way you think about things +
the way you think about things will change.
Its all perspective.

"Mondays are hard" is a common sentiment.
But are they? Why?
Probably just because you think they are.
But those actual hard things in your life...the ones you overcame, even though you never thought you could. THOSE were hard.
Mondays, they’re just what you make of them.
You can fight them + they’ll fight back. Or just let them flow…

I had a full weekend of work + celebration: friends, food, Red Sparrow, cooking, teaching + taking box + flow. i created a new drink with my friends at ATLA, (by simply adding bourbon to the sesame horchata agua fresca, try it, trust me), watched lots of This is Us,  and slept a combined 30 hours, yup. And as I got out of bed this morning, I was ready for a new week with new challenges, goals, big meetings + a big mission in mind. #perspective

It is up to me to create what I want of Monday.
Every breath is a new beginning +
every moment is a fresh start ... a new opportunity to shift it all around.
And even when there is resistance, i choose to #flowthruthefight, to recognize resistance, and push thru it.

So your challenge for today is to meet Monday with resistance (fight) + be resisted
OR lean in and let go (flow).
Hard or easy?
Your Monday. You choose.

#workhard #livyoung