You taught me how to bake a cake, roast a chicken + appreciate a cold beer. Your commitment to a daily sweat taught me to take care of myself. You taught me compassion + patience. And let me run free to feel, the good + bad - all lessons that let me grow + glow. Your effervescent energy is unlike any other. You radiate love, always. You give more than you take. You take care. Of everyone. And I often wonder, who takes care of you? I love you. With all my heart. For putting up with me, listening to me, being proud of me + also sometimes disappointed. I am so much of who I am because of you. Your open heart, quiet confidence, willingness to learn + patience is unyielding. Most importantly, you’ve let me be me. To learn + grow on my own — thank you for supporting my dreams + letting me me fly. You are beautiful — from the inside out, you shine. Happy Mothers Day.