Do you know yourself?
Are you connected to your core? Do you know what makes you tick, what lights you up, what excites you, who excites you, who doesn’t? Are you connected? To your emotions, to your passions, to your intentions, to yourself?

Getting to know you is a never ending journey, an ever winding road, with no guide book or road map…just a lesson in presence, patience, self love + forgiveness. It is life. We are constantly evolving,  physically, mentally + spiritually - growing into ourselves.

And as we get to know ourselves better each day, we become more connected to what works + what doesnt — who works + who doesnt, what we want + what we dont.  This spans from the food we put into our body, the words we put into our heads, the people we allow in our lives, and the people we let go. It all comes back to resistance + ease. Who do you feel most at home around? Ease. What food fuels you, easily digests, instead of unsettles, where do you feel most at home?

Different than the instant gratification of the late night pizza, last minute booty call, last round of tequila shots you dont really want or the last word you had to contribute to an argument ended yesterday. Because connection is deeper, longer, stronger — a marathon, not a race. A constantly evolving forever type of feeling, rather than the hot sex with the dark eyes in the dark bar that never calls, the chocolate doughnut that tastes good in the now, or the friend that always takes + never gives. Those are distractions, not connection.

and until you connect to you, true connection to anything else is not possible. Mindfulness is a practice in presence, in patience, in feeling, not thinking. Close your eyes. Take a breath. Feel your your body, your heartbeat. Feel proud. That you are here — you’ve made it to this moment. Allow yourself to be proud. You have overcome obstacles, boundaries, let go of old, made space for new, and made it here. Feel freedom in that.
Feel the love you are capable of when you love yourself.
Heart over ego. Confidence over insecurity. Love from within.
Out of the past, forgetting the future, feeling the now. Proud to be as you are, who you are, now. Connected to your head, in your body, leading with your heart.
  Everything you need is inside.
#workhard #livyoung