Magic is everywhere. Its as real as it get.
Call it the universe, luck, energy, timing - whatever you wish. It Just is.


Magic is feeling. Connection. Energy. creation.
An openness. A manifestation.
And to feel magic - you have to be open to feel — the good + the bad.  

Those who dont believe in magic are the ones who have never experienced it.
Closed off to connection. Afraid of risk. Disconnected to community. Linear to a fault
Walk the streets looking at their feet instead of heart open to the sky, watch movies + dream about a different life, but are too afraid to make change…

But without magic, love wouldn’t exist
Businesses wouldn’t flourish
Cities wouldn’t be built
Movies wouldn’t be made
Communities wouldn’t connect
And dreams wouldn’t come true.
Magic is in the simple:  when all the traffic lights turn green,
when there are two open bar seats at your favorite spot,
when no one is seated in the middle seat on your red eye home from Vegas.
It is what is meant to be.
Or just luck.
It is ease. flow. Openness. receptivity. Heart.

But to know magic, to feel magic, is to understand what isn’t. It is to experience resistance, fight, unwillingness, being stuck.
When a relationship is forced.
When you start seeking outward instead of looking within.
But good magic, real magic, energy, luck, the universe, is everywhere when you are present.

And just because there is magic in a situation now, doesnt mean it will last forever.
Energy now isn’t energy always.
A feeling today doesn't mean you will feel it tomorrow.
Your dream job at 23 might be something you grow out of five years later, same as your dream relationship, or dream home. 
Magic comes + goes. Just like the weather.
But when something feels good, when something is just right, bask in that feeling now.
Soak it up as is. be present in the energy you have invited.  
Because the magic that you manifested in this moment, might not be here in the next.
So for now, what are you going to do with all this magic?