teaching gives me life.
who knew?
my biggest insecurity in starting box + flow was actually teaching the class.
often it is what scares us the most that is our greatest calling: be it work, love, parenting, moving, or otherwise. that which we resist is sometimes a calling for us to lean in.

teaching motivates me.
Box + flow is my vessel to urge people to let go, to confront resistance + welcome in ease.
I learned to teach by teaching.
You learn to cook by cooking.
You learn to parent by parenting.
You learn to love by loving.
Same same but different.
We are all students, always learning.
What will you lean into to learn more from today?

i am motivated by magic, community, practice, presence + patience.
For my deep desire to bring change from within thru connection to self.
what motivates you?
Find it.
Lean in. learn. Listen. explore. Allow motivation to come from your heart.
If you listen closely, trust yourself + your intuition, you will hear your answers.
What motivates you is your calling.
allow yourself to be called. learn to listen.

#workhard #livyoung