success in failure


it is when we fall that we really feel.
in love, in work, in life. without risk, there is no reward. entrepreneurship isn’t easy.
It is a roller coaster with unexpected twists + turns. It is a boxing match with an unpredictable opponent.
It isn't a job, it's life, in real time - with one million variables and one North Star. My commitment to my vision + dream, is imperative. I have to stay connected to my core, whilst building a committed team, a growing community + keeping myself balanced along the way. In other words, my connection to me, my business + my life, is also deeply effected by everything around me, the emotions + behaviors of others - employees, clients, trends, competitors, potential investors, the weather! i speak about balancing ego + heart, letting love lead the way, being grounded in gratitude and choosing confidence over everything.
But at the same time, I am human.
I feel.
I think life would be easier if I didnt.
If I didnt care when others were hurting.
If I didnt have this deep desire to change the world.
But I do.
And I will.
So often we live in fear of the unknown, which prohibits us from even taking a chance, in big ways + small: texting a crush, having an uncomfortable conversation, quitting a job…
But what if we shifted our perspective to find the thrill in the potential failure. To see that there is success even when we dont “win.” The success is in just trying - in putting yourself out there, In taking a chance.
It is when we fall that we really feel.
What are you willing to feel?
For me, the answer is everything.
Even if sometimes, it hurts.
Because if you’re not willing to lose, than you’re not willing to win.
and I play to win, whilst acknowledging the possibility that failure is also an option, in big things + small.
when you open up to possibility, anything is possible.
but you don't know unless you try.
#workhard #livyoung