A beginning + an ending.
after a long day, there is Nothing I look forward to more than cold sheets + sweet dreams.
a Restful night to recharge and reset
Feet up. Head heavy. Engulfed in piles of pillows + supported, after carrying the weight of my day + its stories. My body melts down. My bed holds me up.
Finally the chance to let go until tomorrow. And when sunrise hits, I spring out of bed.
With no expectation or anticipation.
A new day, with new adventure.

Last night i slept for 12 hours.
Birthday weekend kicked my ass. Fresh leap into the week, 4am wakeups, workouts, workings, meetings, meet ups, and then a meat up wednesday night. Bowery meat company bone in filet and mezcals (x3).  
See i know my limits + set my boundaries. But when Chef Capon is cooking, all limits become limitless. Body craved steak. I gave it the goods. Along with insisted extras like dairy, dessert + top shelf liquors.
But the bodies we liv in are machines.  We fuel them or fill them.
But fuel for me is different than fuel for you. With the wrong gas, the whole system reacts.

Dairy, sugar, alcohol, gluten, dry aged meat, and the like...i do it. But not often.
2 drink minimum violated, sleep interrupted, a shell of a human yesterday.
I was so present in my meat up that i forgot i was meant to give blood the following morning.
Woke up, walked across manhattan bridge, sat down to give blood + passed out as usual. But my most vivid visions come when i pass out -- so its worth it, perhaps. But the trick is remembering them when i come back to life. No dice this time.  After birthdays, booze, blood, black out… last night i needed to reset + recharge. Sleep brings me clarity + 12 hours was what the body ordered.
If efficiency is what you seek, start to listen to what you need.
sleep is my medicine. recharged + back to balance, this morning, i rise + run.
Running is not my habit. My habit is breaking habits, eliminating excuses.
Excuses delay the inevitable, and there is no excuse not to run, except injury.
Nothing extra needed, No matter where i am in the world, i am free to run,
Except in china. which is why i dont like china. I dont feel safe, i dont feel free.

In connection with my body, I listen. I feed it steak as it wishes, move it as it requests, sleep to reset and celebrate, always, allowing wiggle room in to break self imposed rules + liv without limit. because rigidity is not the way forward. So in the spirit of fun, who’s in new york city this weekend?
Work can wait til monday. And if i email you, please reply “not today.”
There is a good chance i will resist, but you can ease me out of it.
Out of resistance, yes. Out of my bed, probably not.
Because without sleep, i am not much fun at all.
#balance is the goal. TGIF.

#workhard #livyoung


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