Consistency creates commitment. Commitment creates change.

Truth be told, the longest relationship you have is with yourself -- If you consistently commit to yourself, your relationship with you changes. Harshest critic or biggest fan? Can you find balance in both? As our own worst enemies, it is unsurprising that our biggest challenge is standing up to ourselves. to face ourselves to free ourselves, show ourselves to be seen
And share ourselves with others, as we are.  

When you stand up for yourself TO yourself and TO others: when you ask the tough questions, answer honestly + stand your ground, you set a precedent. That precedent is a catalyst. the hard part becomes easy.

Thursday was an action packed, fun filled 20 hour day: 20 hours that disguises the most labor intensive part: me standing up for myself,
First to myself, and then to four others,
To protect my heart.
To protect my words.
To lead with integrity.

Box + flow is the vessel thru which i share my story, teachings + lessons:
strength, struggle + celebration. Duality of self, grit + soft. Messy as vulnerable, vulnerable as sexy. Shedding resistance, opening to ease, seeing yourself as you are. This balance, of fight + flow is (the #hardwork) that results in a feeling, #livyoung. My teachings are my words. Twice on thursday, my words were taken + used as one’s own. Without malice, no doubt, but taking intellectual property is the same as taking a bike. If its not yours, don’t take it. Rather, ask permission to borrow - and cite the source. I share my words, just as i share my heart. But, simultaneously must protect what is mine. We are so accustomed to letting things be, we talk ourselves out of protecting what is ours, we make excuses, take fault or blame, in all situations - work, life + love.

 "Shut up insecurity. Go away fear. Olivia, practice what you preach." and i did -- 4x, twice to protect my work and twice to protect my pride. I confronted my fear, spoke my mind, reclaimed my self respect, embraced the 3 seconds of discomfort in honor of me. Simply put, “you stole my shit -- my words, my feelings, -- no matter. same as confronting someone who stole your bike. When someone steals your work, your words, your emotion -- face it. Speak up. That feeling is real. And while it would have been more “comfortable” to let it be, i faced the discomfort to #flowthruthefight.

Why was i afraid to speak honestly, to be vulnerable?
Why are we so accustomed to making excuses when we are wronged?
Excuses delay the inevitable. If i had not said anything, I would still be thinking about it. commit to you. be the change. confidence is a choice -- as is insecurity. standing up to yourself, for yourself, is the hardest part, But once you choose you, Everything hard becomes easier. And if you don’t, Who will?
#workhard #livyoung

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