sunday service

If you need me...i am unavailable.
I’ve never felt so loved. But now i gotta love myself.
Sunday self care, refresh + reset.
I am An extroverted introvert, Filled with energy but fueled by independence, most comfortable in quiet. After three days of grand meals, high heels, + less than my preferred 9 hours sleep, i feel shot.

This life is ever moving...if you so choose.
Me? I gotta reset, refuel + reconnect with Me time.
you have to be selfish to be selfless.
Figure out what works for you + let it work for you. fun comes in all forms - but owning your decisions is owning your power. Find power in saying no. because choosing yourself first is your power + connection starts within: do you fuel or do you fill?
Your time, your body, your mind…

In connection + presence, we fuel ourselves with food, people, work + movement.
In disconnection, we fill with the same ---to fill a void, to distract.
This weekend, i was so present + connected to celebrating life with those i love, that i woke up SO spiritually full but SO mentally + physically depleted.
too little sleep + too much salt. Worth it? Of course.
yes, there was copious sweat, some sleep + TLC in between, but balance is a lifelong journey. and while i liv + don't limit, even i have my limits, ie: one cocktail, low salt, little to no dairy, etc. but not this weekend.
Indulgence included New York Strip + tequila at Polo Bar.
Crudite, smoked salmon, prime rib, rose champagne + baked alaska at
the Grill, beers at broome street bar + midnight spaghetti with tuna, chile + bottarga at Altro Paradiso. sprinkle a few See’s lollipops in between + i am officially toxic, yet
unconcerned because I know how to refuel + reset. When you are connected to your body, even small hiccups won't drive you too far off course -- you'll know just when + how to get back to you.

So for me, the buck stops here. Boundaries built + refueling begins: Water, sweat, sleep, and home cooked meals to re calibrate + renourish both mind and body. Most importantly, i crave quiet, darkness, soft sheets + cool air. I can choose to be distracted or find solace in resetting myself up for my personal best. Because when we are fueled, clear minded + open-hearted, nothing stands in our way of greatness.
and why not play to win in the game of you vs. you?
For me, success stems from a bit of solitude.
Solitude is my sunday service.
Every sunday? Nope. last week was impromptu negronis with a hot aussie via @jswipe.
I don't plan, i feel.
Solitude is whenever i need it.
And when i need it, i listen.
#workhard #livyoung