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Gratefull, wow. 
Gratitude is real. In the simplest of things. 
I don’t know when but one day I woke up grateful. 
Grateful for everything. The good + the bad. 
Thirty one years of gratitude. 

i wake up grateful, everyday. 
Grateful for the way the sheets feel across my body. 
For my favorite pillow supporting my head. 
For the darkness, stillness, cold + quiet that allows me to sleep soundly. 
And for the 5am wakeup. No alarm needed. 
One day I will be grateful to fall back asleep, but these days I am too excited to take on the day. 
Grateful for the inhale to fill up the depth of my lungs. 
And the exhale to empty of whatever I am holding onto from yesterday. 
I spring out of bed, grateful to just be alive. 
Grateful for the Nespresso that gives me a quick buzz + the fridge light in my face almost as invasive as the shot of apple cider vinegar that really wakes me up. 
I am grateful for the coconut oil smoking in a super hot pan, the deep sizzling sound of an egg frying before topping a cracker that crunches so audibly in my mouth, grateful for the sustenance I’m feeding my body to perform. 

I am grateful for the emails that never seem to end,
And grateful that I can shut down my brain + be present regardless. 
For the opportunity to challenge myself + others everyday, physically + mentally. 
Sneakers on, i am grateful for the raggedy 30$ American Apparel leggings, my shiny black second skin that lets me move freely, with grit + grace, with strength + softness. 

I am grateful for my breath - belabored or controlled - for keeping me present. 
for my sweat, my rinse, my release. 
I am grateful for my body for being my home, 
For keeping me safe, and forcing me to feel both pleasure + pain. 
I am grateful for lust, love, and loss. 
For passion. And heartbreak. 
I am grateful for laughter. always. With others + alone. 
For my tears. Happy + sad. 

I am grateful for my heart for feeling. 
My gut, for speaking. 
My eyes, for seeing. 
My mouth for questioning, 
My ego for interrupting, 
And my ears for listening. 

I am grateful for 55 bond street for giving livyoung a launchpad + box + flow a start.
for Its Sugar down the block + the sweet treats that tempt me + teach me self control. #ilovecandy

I am grateful for the conversations I’ve had. And the ones that never happened. 
For those who question my integrity + allow me to question myself. 
For the supporters + the skeptics. 
The students + teachers. For friends, 
and my family who gave me foundation and allowed me to fly, but it wasn’t their permission I needed, it was mine. 

I am grateful for my dreams that have led me to my path + purpose. 
Its not easy to take on changing the world, but its a challenge I’ve accepted, 
to bring balance thru self love, connection, struggle + celebration, to the universe. 
Anything is possible. And without hardship, I wouldn’t understand success. 

I am grateful for the successes + failures along the way. 
I am grateful for the simple + the complicated. 
For the challenges + triumphs. 
For this moment,
in this breath,
on this day. 
the past + present leading to possibility for future. 

And as each day comes to an end, I am so grateful to lay my body back down +
feel supported by the bed beneath me. 
But mostly, I am grateful in feeling supported by me. 
In mind, body + spirit, to rest + reset, 
Knowing that I have the tools I need to get me where I want to go. 
Grateful that everything I need is inside. 
Gratitude, always.