find inspiration everywhere


We all have coaches, leaders, mentors + guides: Those we seek guidance from, who push us past our self imposed limits and pave the path that allows us to dig deeper,
the path that leads you back to you. #everythingyouneedisinside
You can lead people (or be led) to the fountain, but you can’t force (or be forced) to drink. Its your choice. 

We learn by doing. by practicing. by feeling. by watching. by listening...thru challenge + triumph, thru ourselves + others. I am grateful for the teachers in my life who have invested their energy in me, thru tough love + support, and pushed me to to seek more. 

Since opening box + flow and digging deeper into the meaning of LIVYOUNG, my relationship with fitness has changed as has my relationship to life + to myself.
I act + write thru my own experience, always, life thru my lens.
When you become a teacher, your actions are no longer your own.
People turn to you for guidance, as well as judgement + comparison. 

It is hard for me to workout at box + flow, much like it is hard for Michael White to break bread  in his own restaurants. In 7.5 years working with him, i saw him eat a bowl of pasta, once - the day after returning from a 2 week stint in Asia, pasta ordered plain, with butter + fresh parmigiano…because it tasted like home. comfort. familiar. He was finally home. 

So while sweat is a continued daily commitment, I don't often do it at box + flow. I seek it elsewhere, where I can let go - outside of my space, led by teachers who push me  - to push me to be my best self. Beyond fitness, I seek advice from those mentors who have my best interests at heart but most often tell me what i DON’T want to hear + what I know to be true. 

My guides are endless. I learn from teachers + students, friends, family + foes. I learn from teaching. Before I started my business, I was afraid to teach. I never “taught” before. The first class I taught was the morning that Muhammed Ali died. A stretch, or not, I believe in signs. Coming full circle, teaching is what fuels me. It is a huge part of my path. And my fear in actually doing it was the fear of being vulnerable + being me. To become a great teacher, you have to teach.  

I am grateful for the good + the bad I’ve learned about myself, from others + thru others. And as our most authentic truest self, we are whole, made up of a collection of experiences, conversations, successes + struggles that have shaped us. Including but not limited to the people who have pushed us past our comfort zones along the way. There is no change without challenge and no inspiration without foundation.  

Find inspiration everywhere to lead you back to you. 
#workhard #livyoung