But why are we so afraid to share?
To show? To feel?
So many have so little fear in life
But are so afraid—to get hurt
in love.  Me too.
But i love to love!
An anomaly no doubt —
How can you open up? share, love,
If you fear,
Simple. You can’t.
You can’t be guarded and be open.
You can’t protect and share.

So we shut down
We shut off
We silence
Our hearts.
Im Guilty. Sort of.

I lead with my heart but my head gets in the way for just a short moment–
when i hear my hurt, my history, creeping up Telling me to run far,
In fear of being hurt.
before i silence the noise –
Go away heartbreak! Be here now.
But us Humans, filled with feelings aren’t raised to talk about love, or longing, hurt or the like. Me? I was brought up with SO MUCH love, but no speak of feelings. Because it is “so much easier” to silence our softness, deafen our desires, hide hurt with our egos, or react with rage.

So these feelings get folded, In stacks of fresh laundry, Perfectly put away,
For as long as forever,if we so choose.
Because we are so afraid of rejection We risk even feeling at all.
But my heart is open – And i share it — openly.
I write my stories, find connection with strangers,
Ground in my feet, Hold my head high, Teach from my gut,
Share from my soul, and Open my heart.
And every time I get bruised, I grow stronger
And Ground deeper Into a clearer vision of me
With more love, more hurt and more lessons.
To love more, Feel more, Share more,
To ask the questions
Without fear of the answers
Because if you don’t ask, You don’t know.
If you don’t fall, You don’t grow.

So here is to risk:
More raw + More real
Like life Or box + flow class
Love begins where you start. It begins where you are.
It begins with you.

Olvia YoungComment