Teaching taught me to trust me, to #flowthruthefight. No matter the challenge. If i trust myself, i can overcome. Teaching taught me to trust others will show me who they are, if i listen.

like breath, teaching gives me life. It fills me. And empties me. It thrills me. And challenges me. I learn from it. And let go from it. It is my job + my therapy. It is my commitment + my release. It forces me to be present, allows me to be here. With you, for us #connection

What motivates you?  Is it giving? Or getting? Acquiring wealth? Fear of loss? The need to prove? Is it your ego or your heart?

I did my yoga TT 200 hr because I was bored in life and sought challenge. My intention wasn’t to teach, but to learn. I didn’t want to teach. Out of fear? Maybe. Fear of showing myself. Fear of seeing myself. True vulnerability wasn’t something i dabbled in until 2017. I didn’t grow up around it.  Feelings were felt, not shared. Funny that feeling is now my first language, and what I teach. But the first + only class I taught before I opened @boxandflow was June 3, 2016, the morning before Mohammed Ali died. That morning was a test to myself – teach a class, feel something, and if you do - sign the lease. My hope was severe, I thought that by teaching my format, i’d feel something so forceful, that i would finally commit to box + flow, to myself, + my hovering lease on Bond Street. I taught. And felt nothing. Instead, I cried in my cappuccino, and made more excuses to hold myself back. Life got dark. So did I. Days spent in bed, uncommitted to anything – particularly uncommitted to myself. Until I did. l I picked myself up and pushed myself forward. And here we are.

We spend a lot of time searching for signs, seeking meaning, needing to “know” outcome, planning exits – but 2.5 years in and my greatest lesson remains that life doesn’t have to be so severe. It can be subtle. Progress takes patience. Train yourself to trust yourself. Take a chance on you. I did.

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