Beyond the shape of,
The outline,
The look of,
The vision ,
What lies between the lines?
Past the games, and the chase, and the plans, and the fun.
What remains?
the best part. Once the dust has cleared.
The juiciest pear, remnants of the flesh on your face before you wipe if off.
The last second of the best hug.
The final sniffle after the most intense cry.
The belly ache after youve laughed so hard it hurts.
And the punch in the gut when life hits you hard.

The heart of it.
The taste of it.
The feel of it.
The work of it
The life of it.
The real.

Im not good at surface. Or ok with just being ok.
My photos are for the caption.
The work is for a purpose.
The training is for the experience, not the end goal.
Ive been training my whole life for today.
What is today?
Its today!

Everyday i aim to be better at it - life that is.
To flow thru the fight, more. More ease, less resistance.
Living it. Present,
Not planning The game The strategy
The exit, The win
I just follow my heart. Not my ego.
When im sad I cry
When im happy I dance -
when I get a text, I respond
Its not that deep for me Or maybe it is?

You’re too much! Or you’re just not enough. Ive been told both this week - and it’s only Tuesday. Along with, “youre a delicious dish, I just couldn’t indulge in you everyday.” from an ex flame.
WOW. and I thought i was gourmet.

The feedback is fascinating from friends or family or flings or strangers: “you’re sharing so much. Risque photos. Personal stories. Save some for you.”
Of course i do. I save what i want and share what i will. But the photo isnt about the silhouette, but what lies between the lines. The struggle + success, seeking balance along the way to grow into my life as my life grows into me.

triumphs and failures — we all have them. But its how we handle them, #flowthruthefight, that is the true test. And sometimes i just want to scream – like this morning. Or sunday – when I needed a moment of reassurance - amongst the noise, When the self doubt clouded over my self love on a lonely afternoon— in a full sprint back to work, huffing up Houston Street, A 10 year old rode up beside me on his bike, And said. “You are so sexy.”

And with a deep breath and a sigh, doubt became love with a reminder by A self assured guardian angel, with no filter, no game, just a bike and some feelings.
I got this.
We got this.
Keep going.

Self expression is your expression
This is mine. #workhard #livyoung.

Olvia YoungComment