Magic out of Monotony


We are creators, carrying millions of ideas — here to show them + share them. Evolution is only possible because of creation.  If we’re not creating, we’re waiting. Even worse, resisting— our true potential, out of fear or risk, judgement, rejection or otherwise. Our gifts are what differentiates us. If we don’t share them, they cant manifest into our reality! I know how it feels to be shy, to be stuck, to be scared, to play small. It takes courage to be bold, vulnerable, to be you. To be me. So start small! Create simple. Contribute something. It is my daily commitment to make magic out of monotony, to create nuance constantly in the simplest of ways. Small changes make big differences. Try it. Same routine, switch it. Same recipe, add spice. Same route, change it. Same uniform, add color. Same sex, get weird. Whatever you do, don’t do the same sh*t over + over and complain that you’re bored. CREATE. There are no bad ideas. Just poor execution, or worse no execution at all. I know how that feels too. Our senses are alive. Inspiration is everywhere. Soak it up. Ask the cab driver to turn up the music he muted when you jumped in the back. Soak in the smells of street meat in summer. Get lost in the sneakers lining the walls of Kith, the stacks of snacks at a random corner store, the street art, the subway, a conversation with a stranger. Our surroundings are saturated with stimulation. Inspiration is everywhere. Where do you get yours? When? When you feel stuck, what do you do? I write in the dark. I work in the quiet. I like collaboration but i create alone. Extroverted introvert. NYC fuels my mind. But nature sets my energy free, Aspen guide below. Get to know yourself, to grow yourself. And don’t be afraid to share and to show yourself. That is why we’re here. Create. Make magic out of monotony, Everyday.

Olvia YoungComment