ask for more


Ask for more.
Of yourself + others.
If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

this quote brings me to the scene in Oliver, when the orphan requests more gruel … “please sir, may I have some more…” the kid wanted more food, so he asked for it! why can't everything else be that simple?

the truth is, If you don’t ask, you won’t know.
So this week, I am asking for more ease, less resistance. more presence + patience.
Less fight, more flow + ultimately balance nonetheless.

An early morning text read: Monday! “Ready to crush the week?” My response: hmm, no. less is more this week. I’m a ninja, smooth + precise, not the hulk. No crushing.” Monday motivation has me motivated to just be me — to feel what I need, to act instead of react. Slower than usual, my body yearned for stillness. In stillness, we can hear what we truly desire. It is when we busy ourselves with constant distraction that our desires get muddled, and our minds become lost.

This morning I slowly left my bed just after 7am, put on my #ninjachic uniform with precision, to transition smoothly into Monday, to flow into the week, + dance into my dreams. Connected to my body, in partnership with my mind, asking of myself + others to act with intention, generosity + awareness. Less planning + more feeling, all week.

So I ask you, what if you led this week with presence?
With a calm confidence that easily intimidates.
With fluid movement, easy transitions, more action, less reaction.
With ease rather than resistance, with strength + confidence, a healthy balance of flow + fight, the strength + grace that stimulates intrigue + curiosity because you just seem to have it all figured out. Confident + curious. Fierce + fastidious. In your flow.

With more ninja + less fighter, I'm asking myself to lead with ease,

Light on my feet.
Focused in my mind.
Open in my heart.

And with that grounded energy, your quiet confidence, centered presence, grateful spirit, smoothly transition into your week with  swagger.
Unafraid to ask for more of yourself + others.
Proactive instead of reactive,
Eye on the prize,
Go get what you came for.