aiming to be better, always.

gloves up.jpeg

better, always.
i wake up every day to be better than yesterday. with no expectation for tomorrow, because tomorrow is out of my reach.
i believe we have three options.
1. to be stuck in the past.
2. present in the now, or
3. fixating on the future.
Now is the only thing that is real. So, I choose to be here now, with hopes of bettering along the way. growing, evolving, progressing forward.
For me, it is the constant balance between now + later. present and planning. pacing + racing. settling in what is + seeking more. staying grounded in order to soar.

I seek to be better in all that I do. shifting my perspective daily, i put myself in others' shoes. It is small changes that contribute to big ones. Today i went left instead of right, running a different route to take me out of my routine, out of my head + away from my plan, to my daily yoga practice. today i chose slow: my precise, heavy breathing fueled movement, invoked a juicy sweat. my focus was my core, seeking inwards as i pulled my belly button to my spine + my pelvic floor locked + lifted. More connection to my center. Everything stems from there. attention to detail on + off my mat + into my life. Seeking more always: more focus, precision, intention, connection.

I connect my learning to my teaching because teaching gives me life. i teach with presence + freedom, from my heart + just enough ego to give me confidence to lead. With seven minutes left of the fight in last nights class, just nearing the finish line, 90% of my sold out room took themselves out of the game -- grabbed a sip of water, walked away from the bag, their opponent, themselves. They left their bodies + were distra cted by their heads because it is human nature to run when things get tough. But when we stop, we doubt. Choose to stay strong, be accountable, push thru the resistance -- from the fire, to the water, to the flow. small changes in class result in bigger changes in life.the hardest part is showing up. but to be better than before, you have to stay in the game, stay on the field, lean in with ease or resist the opportunity to grow.  It is these small changes that contribute to bigger changes. better than yesterday. break habits today to contribute to a better tomorrow. gloves up, ready for anything. always protect your face.

I balance my accomplishments to date + acknowledge that there is so much more to do. And for me, there always will be. It is who I am: curious, always seeking more. grateful + relentless.

We all need more of somet hing: fire or water, fight or flow, ease or resistance. Fire is passion, fight, ego, resilience, strength, confidence, power. And ease is the flow, the water, compassion, heart, sensitivity, softness. It is about finding balance, as our needs constantly change. balance between:
gratitude + determination. triumph + dreams. present + future. ego + heart.

There is always room for improvement, space to grow. Because there is no finish line.
The end is just a new beginning.
As Cardi B says:
"We gon' win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten
YeahI said we gon ' win
Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten.