you know when family just feels good? lets be honest. it doesn’t always. we have layers + stories and histories — our foundation is set for us. it is our choice to rise.

this weekend was special – because love. My parents swooped up from Miami, last minute as always to see new @boxandflow post construction — Validating what was once a science project, now a self sufficient organism. until a year ago my dad still thought it was a kickboxing gym.

I am the princess alongside three boorish brothers. and most everything is a family affair. But this weekend, my parents were all mine. We are the youngbloods - a raucous gang, competitive to a fault, among which resiliency knows no bounds. but I could take all 3 of them with my eyes closed. Trained by my parents, the best teachers —each sibling an amalgamation of my steadfast father’s prowess + my moms full heart, but shaped by our own experiences.
I’m 32 with a business–—at the same age my mom had been married 11 years + already had four kids. My dad is 18 years older, a self made entrepreneur who jumped into his business with no fall back plan. No other option than to build. So he did. He is steadfast but cautious, stealthily smart and even more so stubborn. And only made better by my moms unending support + love for healthy homemade meals. Resiliency is our blood. The Youngblood’s. All six of us Strive for success, intensely focused always. My parents visit was well timed. I’m in my life. Not searching or needing. All about what I have, not what I don’t. And I’ve always had their love.
it was their job to lay the foundation.
To raise me
and it is my job to rise
Not to make them proud—
but To make me proud.
We are not where we’re from — but where we grow. And to grow, we must let go of our histories and write our own stories. I am. My brothers’ and I share - sometimes overshare, for humor’s sake but my parents don’t get overly involved as long we’re happy. (sure they make noise when i post risque photos or write vivid stories but eventually they back down). Because no matter how competitive, our marker for success is not thru dollar amount or marriage, babies or business — it is just joy. our youngblood is full of humor–a mixed bag of strength + softness. Full of fight but so much fun. We are not defined by our families, but if I had a choice, I would still choose mine. #workhard #livyoung

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