we cannot set goals until we forgive.
No mistakes, just lessons, from which to grow -- more resilient, less harsh, more heart, less ego--progressing forward, into said goals.
We cannot grow until we let go,
But there is a level to letting go, that is not often reached
Instead we bury things deep down
And expect them to go away-
But Freedom within comes from accepting who we are, And who we are comes with years of feelings + experiences, hurt, hopes, dreams, + fears—
That we hold onto, grip even, ruminate over questioning, “what if?”
we all have stories.
So what if
you forgive you?
For what you did or didn’t do,
for what was said, or wasn’t.
Can you forgive yourself? for the mistakes, the expectations, or otherwise.
And Can you forgive others? those who hurt you, harmed you Or let you down?
Where can you make space as the year ends + begins, to make peace with what was, what wasn’t — and rather, what is?
Me? I forgive myself -- for the self imposed doubt, my mental mess made within. I am sorry for ever thinking i wasn’t good enough or couldn’t be. I am sorry i have questioned my potential or my worth. Or allowing others to cloud my perception of self. I forgive myself for not ASKING FOR WHAT I WANT, for not speaking my mind, for not walking away sooner. I forgive myself for letting my ego overwhelm my heart, confusing lust for love, or job Résumé for actual qualification. I forgive myself for filling my body, time, life instead of fueling me forward, for physical, mental, spiritual manipulation leading to less than my best version of me.
I know what i want. I know who i am. I’m sorry i doubted that.
And I forgive myself in advance, should it happen again. It will. i am human.
I want to be a better version of me, (better boss, friend, sister, lover, daughter, human).
i want to feel more and sometimes feel less, do more, see more, share more, be more. For myself and others. More present in each moment to livfull without fear. Challenge myself and others to grow into better versions of ourselves. And i want to love who i am along the way, because self love brings shared love — energy is everything. But i know what i want, and moreso I know who i am—
my darkness too, my fight or which i will continue forgiving myself for, for years, actions + decisions that contributed to making me feel less than my all.
I forgive myself, from me, to me for not embracing all of me.
Because life without love, is no life at all. But love begins within.
Can you forgive?
That is the challenge. Then you go after the goals. #flowthruthefight
#workhard #livyoung

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