fuel or fill?


How do you liv your life? Spend your time?
Filling or being fulfilled?

Are you going thru the motions or making the most of what you have?
Fueling or filling?
connected or disconnected?
When you are connected to you -- your core, your desires, dreams + necessities, your perspective shifts. Your conversations change. Your relationships evolve, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself. it starts with you.

When connected, you are present in choosing to fuel your life instead of fill it. To fuel your body with what feels good instead of filling it with instant gratification of food, or sex or substance or the like. In connection, you fuel your time with work and love rather than fill it with placeholders + distractions to take up space. So-

Do you fuel or do you fill?
Your time. Your body. Your relationships.
Your work - does it fuel you or fill you?

With love: Is it comfortable or compatible? Does it fill space? Or do your relationships make you better? Fuel your soul? Challenge you to think different?
Or is it just physical love? The act of needing to be loved. For fear of being alone? maybe its just sex. And sex can fuel you, fulfill you, physically. But it can also fill - take up space + time, for fear of actual intimacy beyond just getting laid.

With work: Does it just fill time? Time spent pushing papers or fielding orders for something you aren’t passionate about. are you filling time watching the clock, pondering a dream you leave undiscovered? There is no thing wrong with not being passionate about what you do -- but there is concern if a job is tirelessly taking your soul. You can justify that it serves its purpose and provides you with what is needed to afford the life you liv, but match that with a hobby, a passion, something to fuel your soul. Your time is your life. Consider how you spend it.

With food: We’re humans. We love what we shouldn’t, eat what tastes good. treats and booze and make that a super size. But let’s consider digging deeper here.
What feels good - for you, in real time? How does your body respond when you feed it? Does it feel fueled or filled? When do you eat? When you’re hungry or bored or insecure or all of the above? Do you go for the 3rd cocktail because you aren’t working tomorrow or the first beer because you have an hour to kill? A slice of pizza on the go or the 4pm cappuccino or candy sugar rush? Instant gratification is delayed dis-ease. Take a second. Get present in the decisions that you make. Are you fueling your body or filling it?

We seek outward instead of looking within as a natural habit, as a human race. The cookie when we’re sad. The beer when we’re bored. The text to the ex when we’re feeling less than fulfilled. What if we switched our habits?

there is also the potential of finding magic in monontony- shifting our perspective to see what was once filling time as something that begins fueling your life. changing routine, challenging conversation, spicing up the sex, walking a different way to work. small changes make big differences. Your perspective is yours to switch, your choice.

Do you liv or do you exist?
Your work. Your time. Your life.
Your body. Your heart.
Are you fueling or are you filling?
Consider looking within. See what you see.
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