Ive learned more about myself than ive ever known-
In a way that feels like just enough for the moment and with hunger to learn more in the moments, days, months to come. We are alive, evolving, energetic, emotive creatures.
The love we have, is ours to give. So I give.
Ive learned that what I wanted, or rather, what my ego wanted, was not for me at all.
I have an enormous talent for fixation, hyper focus, to tie myself up in knots of wondering what if or why not, that can occupy my mind for months. that focus is what makes me both successful + unsuccessful.
My goal is to simplify.
All things I thought were for me, and weren’t. Were not.
all desires ego driven, my heart knew the way.
And as ive learned myself more, over time, i tolerate less + bounce back quicker.
I let it go easier. I bounce back. When I look at failed relationships, I end the year knowing — work or love - they were never right for the role, not enough for me — and in love, not right because he isn’t enough for himself. a lesson in itself, to carry thru the journey, — really though, the point of it all:
If you cannot love you, you cannot love another.
We are not here to fix or change, we are here to grow, evolve, share, to live.
My commitment for 2019 is to remain true to that —
To focus on what fuels me, my time, my body, my energy, my work, my love, my life —
And let go, of anything that fills me.
My commitment for 2019 is a recommitment to me -
Because how can I be anything for anyone, or anything, if I am not for myself?
And while this sounds high level, It doesn’t have to be.
simply put: It can be as simple as moving my body (not too much, or too little) in a way that makes me feel free, Abstaining from the 2nd or 3rd cocktail because it diminishes my light, avoiding food that only serves as instant gratification (candy particularly) … letting go of love that doesn’t serve me, as soon as it no longer feels good, pushing my comfort zone in business to continue taking risks and moving forward, making time to call family or to fly home more than sporadically,
Being for others.
Being for myself.
My commitment is to liv, not exist. Liv free, bold, loud, wild, delicious, sexy, sweaty ..
And to love as much as possible thru it all.
Life without love is no life at all—
But love of life begins with love of self,

Particularly the darkest parts of you.
You are free to be whoever you want,
You just can’t be anyone else,
So why not just love who you are?

It is a process to know yourself, a practice to love yourself,
And progress takes patience.
Lets commit to this, together. You In?
#workhard #livyoung.

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