gratitude. always

two versions. perhaps it will open your perspective of all that you have, rather than what you don’t. gratitude always. see below.

Thanksgiving: Thursday November 22

I am Grateful for
Eyes that show me the way
Head that holds me accountable
Feet forever moving forward,
That let me run free.
i am Grateful for my Hands that feel
my Mouth that tastes,
my Head that lifts,
my Heart that opens, that loves.
grateful for my gut that keeps me in check, my Intuition that protects.
For unconditional family love +
Friends that show up, support + care.
I am grateful for — deep belly laughs + gut wrenching cries. Grateful for
the will to win and the want for more.
the Freedom to feel,
to breathe
To love ❤️
To share
To be as I am,
to be seen, to be me.

Thanksgiving: Thursday November 22
Grateful to be here, and now
As i am
For the lessons ive learnt
Fears ive faced
Anxieties ive overcome.
Possibilities ive opened up to,
Opportunities ive taken
Life ive lived
And am living.
Grateful for my choice
To choose me first
As a blessing, not a curse,
From my heart, not my ego
And for the self awareness to know
When i need to give
Or to receive.
With no expectation or anticipation.
Grateful for me
for you
for us
With hopes
And dreams
Endlessly big
For whatever comes this way.
Not waiting or wishing
But forever moving forward to  the future, in the now,
and letting go of uncertainty or regret along the way
Grateful to love and be loved
To respect and be respected
To listen and be heard,
To see and be seen.
Gratitude as a choice.
I choose grace.  

#workhard #livyoung

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