“its not about having the most,
its about making the most of what you have.”

1.          Keep it simple, but be specific.
2.          Find gratitude in everything. (bed, body, food, family, work, life, love) in being JUST as you are.
3.          Focus on what you CAN control. Your breath, Your energy, Your body, Your time, Your choices.
4.          Let go of the extra. If it isn’t serving you, let it go.
5.          Don’t get distracted. If you do,
6.          Come back to you. When confidence escapes you, recommit, reconnect, refer to #3. Find your breath.
7.          Operate from heart, not ego. Always from love.
8.          Now see all your opportunity, own your potential + go make yourself proud.

I received a DM this week asking, “How do you start your day so positive?” My reply, Gratitude always. It’s not about having the most, its about making the most of what you have. Start here. As a practice, that takes patience, to find love within, first. Keep it simple but be specific. 
I wake up every day and take a moment. Not rushing, or waiting – just being. While the city sleeps, with my feet in my sheets, I reflect. In the quiet, dark, cold. I can feel my energy, hear my thoughts, face my fears. I get clear. 
I don’t meditate for an hour or write a gratitude journal, I just get present in my body. 
What do I feel? More fight or flow, am I holding resistance or is there ease? If resistance, what am I holding onto? (Work, life, family, body, love) Where can I let go? 
When you are super present, there is very little margin for error. 
Let go of what you don’t. Celebrate what you do. Keep it simple, but be specific. Start here. 

My bed keeps me warm. My body keeps me safe. My breath gives me life. I feel it. (short + sharp, or long and steady?) I feel my heartbeat. My life is in my hands, literally. My choices are my own. Olivia, choose to make yourself proud today. I get out of bed slow, with intention. My feet are grounded, my shoulders are back, I open my heart. I sip my coffee slow and eat with intention, to fuel my body, not fill any empty. As I bite into an apple, I hear the crunch, I taste the sweet, I feel the texture on my tongue. I savor it. When everything matters, nothing is wasted. As I lean into my day, I focus on what I can control and let go of what I can’t. I operate from heart, not ego. I choose my words wisely and use time as my tool. I hug tight and listen close. I feel everything. And when I get distracted, if confidence escapes me, anxiety or regret creeps in, I come back to my breath and begin again. And after it all, sometimes 17 hours later, I belly flop onto my bed and make snow angels in my sheets. And feel so grateful to be held up, to be supported. I receive. 

“Its not about having the most, its about making the most of what you have.” When Everything matters, nothing is wasted. Be specific about the decisions you make, the actions you take, the way you move, how you fuel your life. See your potential, your opportunity and own your worth. 
Choose to make yourself proud, over + over again. All day 
to workhard, to livyoung, to loveyourself.

Olvia YoungComment