Some days I wake up with more fight than flow --- carrying burden like boulders instead of beach balls and I need to let go, to change my perspective. Not today. In fact, I slept 9 hours and took a second before leaping out of bed to relish the soft sheets on my skin, making snow angels 👼 In my sheets grateful to be alive. 5am magic hour. All was calm in my world.

And then I opened my email to unexpected news + invoices due. My beach balls quickly became boulders and my snow angels disappeared. It can be just like that. From ease to resistance. Energy shifts. Not much surprises me anymore but this was surprising. Deep breath. Sneakers on. You got this Olivia. #flowthruthefight. I headed out for a 7 mile run en route to yoga. Box + Flow 199 playlist on. Warm up dance music to shake it off, rage beats to fight thru, last fifteen minutes of flow to let go. It took me a mile + a half to breathe easy. And as I came up towards 17th street on the West Side Highway, with a leap of faith, I let go + leapt forward. Literally. I leapt over my hurdles on the highway.

I prefer to see obstacles as opportunities – not hindrances but challenges.

And then I like to jump. So I do—This morning, leaping across the west side I took a leap of faith in me. I switched my perspective. I let go of my boulders. And reconnected to my breath. I jumped so high, the construction worker coming towards me jumped back. I wasn’t leaping at him any more than I was leaping away from me, From my thoughts, my doubt, my fear. But he felt it. I smiled. His “proceed with caution” neon vest did not slow me down. I prefer to just proceed. So i did.
With fight music in my ears,
Faster. Sprinting up the west side highway,
Against my own resistance
Hurricane by Ran D lyrics blaring:

Everyday is a gift, so live it
And put your all into it
You got one chance to do this
Trust your faith and don't you lose itWhen darkness comes, bring the light
Look inside your heart, get through the night
Feel the thunder rise inside
It's time for the fire to reignite
Go against the grain
I'll bring you thunder like a motherfucking hurricane

And then I looped about
To return back to ease
My playlist Settled, and with it, my energy too.
Rage beats transitioned into Ziggy Marley’s “Love is my religion,”
My feet became lighter, breath heavier,
Confidence restored.
No matter the obstacles, I will always find opportunity
To choose the high road,
To lead with love, with my shoulders back, head high,
open heart and a nasty left hook :)

It’s all a matter of perspective:
What’s worth holding onto
And what is worth letting go.
box + flow as a metaphor for life,
Choosing ease over resistance, and integrity always,
I leap over hurdles, see obstacle as opportunity + #flowthruthefight
And arrived at yoga, to let the dust settle,
To rinse off
To bow down
To begin again.

#workhard #livyoung

Olvia YoungComment