I walked up to a celebration at 55 bond street last night, pep in my step, spring stilettos on, feeling proud to walk up to the doorstep of the foundation that I've been building for the past 16 months. As i approached, i noticed a late 20's well dressed man hovering over the door i take a picture of daily, quickly zipping his fly after relieving himself on the place where ive put my all: my savings, my time, blood, sweat, tears. ive given up friendships + time I cannot get back, missed birthdays + milestones, holidays + family gatherings.
ive made peace with building limitations +  noise complaints, broken heat, skepticism + criticism, all made up for by the community being built, the lives being changed, the love created in a place where I launched the beginnings of a feeling, a movement, a brand - self defined, confident, authentic, vulnerable -- was peed all over yesterday, in broad day light, while a room full of party goers celebrated to Cardi B upstairs.

Silly boy - you peed on the step of a business teaching self actualization + truth, on a door that says "everything you need is inside"  -- a platform preaching connection, honor + integrity. First shocked and then ashamed for you, I quickly followed you down bond street in my Saturday best. "Hey White hat, did you just pee all over my door?"A shameful apology + you kept on your way. Were you raised by wolves? You in your 300$ Common Project sneakers + AG Jeans. A deep breath in + i let it go. Because it was not worth my effort to try and teach this boy the difference between right vs. wrong.

Every action has a reaction. And my hope for humanity is that we start thinking before we act. Everything is energy. Be mindful of the actions you take, the decisions you make, the words you speak + where you take a leak. Albeit simple or more complicated. How you show up, shows up. What you give, you cannot get back — including the urine you left on my home, a place where i've given my whole heart.

Someone said to me recently, "you're so busy - but you make effort look like ease." The ultimate compliment, of course. Because I love what I do - it isn't work for me, it is life. i am contributing that to the world - the quiet confidence of effort + ease, struggle + success, workhard + livyoung. As such, I lead life as i preach. I play the game in favor of winning for no one else, but me, with nothing to prove except the fact that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. So the urine covered door I take a photo of, everyday, as a forever reminder that “everything you need is inside.” Holds true. We have the answers, seek within. But you, sir, with the white baseball hat + disregard of humanity, I suggest that while you’re looking within, you also keep an eye out behind. Karma is a bitch.